ZYuoo 304 stainless steel coffee filter with Non-slip Cup Stand and Cleaning Brush, double-layer filter is suitable for hand-driving drip filter coffee (1-4cups)

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Price: $9.99
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Package Included:
1*Pour Over Coffee Filter
1*Non-slip Cup Stand
1*Cleaning Brush

Coffee filter:
Product Name: Stainless Steel Filter
Product specifications mm: 140X80X30mm
Material: 304 stainless steel
Capacity (ml): about 1-4cups
Function: Brewing coffee and tea without filter paper
Uses: hand brewing drip filter coffee, brewing tea

Precautions for use: Use neutral detergent to clean, pay attention to water temperature to prevent scalding
Suggestion: After use, use a clean toothbrush to brush lightly and use baking soda powder to remove oil, so as not to affect the next brewing taste.
The metal coffee filter can extract the fat, and the taste will be thicker and closer to the original taste of the coffee beans.
In the blind test, it can also feel the difference from the filter paper.

►►【SIZE】:A set of packaging included 1*304 stainless steel coffee filter, 1*Non-slip Cup Stand,1*Cleaning Brush, Size:140X80X30mm, about 1-4cups capacity.
►►【HIGH QUALITY】:Adopt 304 stainless steel fine sand net, the inner layer of the filter mesh is very thin gauze mesh, the outer layer of stainless steel fine hole cover, Double-layer filter, can filter 99.9% coffee grounds.
►►【WIDELY USES】:This coffee filter is used for hand-driving drip filter coffee, tea brewing, and can also filter water. No need to use filter paper, create this filter net without filter paper, Reusable coffee filter make your life more convenient and environmentally friendly.
►►【EASY TO CLEAN】:This coffee filter saves less environmentally friendly filter paper. As long as it is cleaned after use and can be reused, the stainless steel is also durable and sturdy, and can taste the original taste of coffee, and has a thick taste.
►►【FRIENDLY SUGGESTION】:Please use a neutral detergent to clean, pay attention to the water temperature to prevent scalds; also use a clean toothbrush to lightly brush, use baking soda powder to remove oil, so as not to affect the next brewing taste.

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