Zeal C125R Insulated Cafetiere Coffee Pot Jacket. Removable with Valcro Fastening. 12 Cup-Red, Neoprene

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Price: $18.99 - $14.99
(as of Jan 22,2022 18:22:55 UTC – Details)


  • Made of neoprene material which keeps the heat in the French press pot longer so coffee can remain hot longer to enjoy. The fastener is sturdy and super convenient to use.
  • Fits Bodum French press very well and keeps the coffee warm much longer than without it.
  • It  is actually reversible with a neutral gray backside. Velcro clasp works both ways.
  • This cover fits round the outside of the BODUM cafetiere 12 cup cage. It has strong velcro fastening and is stretchy so easy to pull to a close.

Specially designed to fit a 12-cup coffee press with a snug secure fit, in order to provide better insulation whilst serving
Insulated neoprene material wrap is tight fitting with a strong Velcro fastening. Also protects hands from hot glass
Neatly fits around the pouring lip, with a cut out recess to accommodate the spout and protect the cosy from stains during use
Premium quality Neoprene Material, machine washable, store flat in kitchen drawer, reusable

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