youtian Stove top Moka Pot, 304 Stainless Steel 6 Cup 10oz300ml, Espresso Maker Italian Coffee Machine Cafetera, Suitable for Induction Stove, Portable

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Price: $22.99
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– Features –

  • Safety: It’s made of 304 food grade stainless steel, with high quality valve made in Italy.
  • Durable: Not made of aluminum, non-corrosive and non-porous.
  • High capacity: 6 cup, 10oz/300ml
  • Easy: Very easy to use and clean.
  • Various stoves: suitable for gas stove, electric stove, induction stove, camping stove, and hot plate burner, etc.

– Size and Specifications-

  • Size:4.7″*4.7″*6.7″
  • Weight:1.13lbs
  • Material: upper part is 304 food grade stainless steel, lower part is 403 stainless steel cause for better thermal conductivity and magnetic conductivity.

– Notes –
1、Please must be care that don’t pour water over the valve. It’s very dangerous. And keep your child far away the stove top moka pot when it’s on the fire or just remove it from heat, it would be very hot.
2、Even though we have used good quality stainless steel, it’s still very important to take care of the pot if you want to use it for much longer. Please drain off the pot partly after use and clean.
【Premium Stainless Steel, Outstanding Quality】We use high food grade stainless to make the pot, without any coating, hence it has the potential to brew your coffee for decades at home.
【To Be a Barista at Home】Our espresso maker has the right technique to create a cup of coffee consistently.Of course, the brew-a-cup-at-a-time moka pots are the perfect fit to connoisseurs, but if you want to share a cup with your families or friends, the bigger is the better. Our coffee pot is in a high capacity, providing 6 cups at a time, about 10oz/300ml.
【Modern Elegant Design】Stovetop espresso maker, Moka pot, Italian espresso pots & manual coffee percolator machine. The cafetera features soft lines and a harmonious design, making it looks much sexier in your kitchen. And it accompanied with insulated handle to resist high temperature and one knob to open the lid.
【Easy to Use & Portable】It fits most stoves, include the induction stove and camping stove. And the size is only 4.7″*4.7″*6.7″, you can take it with you during camping at ease.
【Different To Aluminum Moka Pot】Although aluminum is highly consistent to oxidation and corrosion, however stainless is non-corrosive and non-porous, making it more durable than a traditional aluminum one.

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