XMSound 53mm Coffee Distributor/leveler with tamping mat, 53mm Espresso Distributor Leveler Tool,fits in a 54mm Breville Portafilter,Silicone 53mm tamper mat (2 in 1)

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(1)Coffee Distributor/leveler

Simply hold both end and turn the top or bottom anti- clockwise to adjust it to your desired height

Take your Breville skills and style up a notch with a professional, dual-head portafilter leveler and tamp.

The adjustable height of the distributor allows some control over depth of your pack
(*remember – a full basket is required to get a tight pack and high quality pour.
If the basket isn’t completely full the tool will not reach your grounds.
For best results, groom the top of the basket with a flat edge before leveling and tamping).

Use the distribution/leveling side to evenly distribute the grounds in your portafilter,
then flip to the adjustable tamper side for a uniform tamp, every time.

How to use

1. Measure and load your portafilter basket with your ground coffee

2. Adjust the distributor to the desired depth. with the blades facing down place it on your portafilter

3. Slowly rotate the distributor until all the coffee grounds has been leveled

4. Turn the distributor on the tamping side and adjusting to the desired high.
Tamp your coffee ground to the recommended pressure.

(2)Coffee tampering corner mat

Practical and durable home using product

Style simple and practical, does not occupy space

Convenient and durable to use

It will be more effective to use it together with professional tools

Material: Silicone

Color: Black/Coffee optional

Specification: 15x20x3.5cm

Weight: Approx. 250g

Warm notice

(1)The ideal ratio for coffee is 1:20 which is 7.5g of coffee to 150ml of water.

(2)With your portafilter dosing cup full with freshly ground coffee beans full the portafilter basket with it.
Remove the excess coffee with a flat edge before you start the leveling and tamping process.

[Compatibility]- Kitchen Heroes 53mm adjustable coffee distributor and tamper is compatible with Duo-temp Pro, Barista Express, Pro, Touch, Bambino Plus, Infuser and breville 54mm Portafilter espresso basket.
[Best Brew]–With our easy to use distributor and tamper you get the best distribution of your coffee.The ideal ratio for coffee is 1:20 which is 7.5g of coffee to 150ml of water.
[Adjustable depth]- It can be adjusted to your desired depth that is needed for consistent tamping pressure every time.
[High Quality Tamping Mat] -Protects counters and Portafilters from damage while keeping your Portafilter from sliding around and is made of FDA food grade silicone.
[Warm Notice]– Ensure your portafilter basket is fully dosed with coffee grinds to get the right amount of pressure from the tamper for a tighter pack and richer flavor. For best results, groom the top of the basket with a finger or flat edge before leveling and tamping. Brew with good, filtered water.

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