XIRGS Pour Over Coffee Kettle, 1.2L/40oz Gooseneck Kettle with Thermometer for Exact Temperature, Surgical-Stainless Steel Tea Kettle for Stove Top (Copper Coated)

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Product Description

Copper kettleCopper kettle

Start With A Flavorful, Clean, Fantastic Cup Of Coffee In The Morning, Every Day Is Beautiful!

We believe that the best coffee does not come from coffee machines, and not even from boutique coffeehouses, but from the kitchen in your home. The most important step of making a delicious cup of coffee is pouring control and water temperature. XIRGS pour over kettle is the ideal gift for you.

XIRGS Coffee Kettle Is Specially Designed For Hand Drip Coffee, The Best Choice For Professional Baristas And Novices.

Kettle with ThermometerKettle with Thermometer

XIRGS KettleXIRGS Kettle

Surgical-Stainless Steel Tea KettleSurgical-Stainless Steel Tea Kettle

Do Not Exceed 266°F Temperature

The integrated thermometer cover is designed to resist high temperature 266°F. Gooseneck kettle is very easy for you to see the colour-marked Optimal Temperature Range (195-205°F).

Unique Gooseneck Outlet Design

The pourover volume and speed is easily controlled at slender spout. The insulated ergonomic handle provides cool and comfortable grip. After use, there may be water scale on the bottom of the kettle, NOT RUST!!! You can remove the water scale regularly.

Triple-Layered Kettle Bottom Design

The bottom is upgraded with a combination of stainless steel triple-layered composite base, which can maintain the rust resistance, airtightness and leakproofness state for more than ten years.

Gooseneck KettleGooseneck Kettle

Helpful Tips:

When boiling it should not be dried.When the gooseneck kettle is working, do not leave it alone.Do not use coffee kettle to heat other objects except water.1.2 liter at full capacity (we recommend 1 liter to avoid overflow)When boiling water, cover the lid and do not open the lid during boiling to avoid burns.You can add vinegar, lemon juice or water scale remover in kettle with water boiled to effectively remove the water scale regularly.

Perfect Gooseneck Spout: Make a perfect glass of coffee or tea! Precise and smooth water flow is essential in making drip coffee and pouring over tea. A great cup of pour-over coffee starts with how you distribute the boiling water over the grounds. The gooseneck kettle spout design creates the slow, steady stream necessary for delicious pour-over coffee.
Built-In Thermometer: For outstanding coffee and tea taste you need the best thermometer you can get. Water that is too hot will burn your coffee. If it is too cold, you won’t extract the full consistency of the beans. Our pour over kettle comes with an real-timetemperature display thermometer which allows you to brew coffee at the optimal temperature (195-205°F).
Premium Quality 18/8 Steel: This tea pots for stove top is made from premium surgical-grade stainless steel. Unlike other pour over kettle that have only one or two metal layers on the bottom, our stovetop kettle has a triple-layered bottom to keep long-lasting rust resistance, airtightness and leakproofness. Safe to use on induction cooker, electric furnace, natural gas stovetops and so on.
Enjoy Your Coffee Time: Elegant swan neck shape, ergonomic handle and gooseneck nozzle, non-slip handle can hold firmly so you can pour with complete control to make the perfect brew! Use this coffee kettle to make delicious coffee in your home like a professional.
Worry-Free Purchase: This gooseneck kettle for pour over is suitable for you to use at home, travel or camping. If you are not satisfied with our products, please contact us immediately, we will give you a satisfactory answer within 24 hours.

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