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Powerful Wilfa Precision Coffee Maker Review of 2021

If you love the pour-over style of coffee making and want to buy one then the Wilfa precision coffee maker review will help you in understanding why this is one of the best pour-over style coffee makers that you will get in the market.

Many coffee machines try to provide extra features to turn their pour-over style coffee maker into an attractive one but the Wilfa coffee maker has done it by providing a minimalistic design and getup. 

The machine has been designed by Tim Wendelboe, the World Barista Champion in 2004, and World Tasting Champion held in 2005, in collaboration with the Norwegian electronic giant Wilfa.

Tim is also the owner of a roaster in Norway and he develops advanced brewing techniques. So it is no wonder that the Wilfa coffee maker has made a mark among coffee lovers by providing a minimalistic design with an easy to use interface.

Wilfa Precision Coffee Maker Review of the Special Features

Wilfa Precision Coffee Maker

1. Aesthetically pleasing looks

The Wilfa coffeemaker has an aesthetically pleasing look that can make every coffee aficionado’s knees weak. It has a reputation for being called a piece of art in the world of coffee makers.

Generally, pour-over style coffee makers use convection to transfer the water but the Wilfa machine uses an in-built pump to transfer the water to the showerhead. 

There is a reservoir for storing the water and the pump draws the water to the base of the machine and transfers it to the showerhead like magic.

It can be very pleasing to see the clear water turn into a delicious cup of coffee. The showerhead has two slits at the top where you have to put the filter.

In terms of looks, the Wilfa precision maker is one of the best pour-over style coffee maker that you will get within this price range. It will satisfy your cravings for an artistic and unique coffee maker that also brews wonderful coffee.

2. Product Dimensions

The appliance has dimensions of 14.25 x 8.50 x 14.00 inches and it can take quite a bit of kitchen space.

Before deciding on buying this Wilfa precision coffee maker, you should always have some free space in your kitchen or else it can be perplexing. Even though it has a minimalistic design, it is quite big and needs some space.

Moreover, you will find the power switch at the side so you cannot cram up the coffee maker in just any space available. You need space at the side too if you want to utilize the coffee maker properly.

The removable water reservoir can make a maximum of 12 ounces of coffee and it has markings on its side for accurate measurements.

3. Precise temperature and water control

The water heater coil at the base of the coffee maker works within a range of 197º–205ºF, making it attain the right temperature to get the best-flavored coffee.

You cannot manually set the temperature as there is no such feature available in this coffee maker.

However, you can manually control the amount of water needed by adjusting the control ring and it is one feature that is generally not available in many pour-over style coffee makers.

You can get just the right amount of coffee you need, and store the extra amount in the carafe for future needs.

This helps every coffee lover in optimizing their coffee needs by drinking the right amount every time and it also helps in saving your coffee in the long run.

4. Improved filter design

Generally, pour-over style coffee makers are used for making large batches of coffee and they do not work well when making coffee in small amounts. This is due to the filters that are provided by the company.

But with the Wilfa precision filter cone, you will never face this problem. The filter cone has five positions or markings. You can control the rate of the water dripping into the coffee grounds.

This is especially helpful when making coffee in small amounts as you can always get the right amount of water needed for the right amount of coffee.

5. Using the coffee maker without the filter basket

The coffee machine uses number four filters but you can also make good coffee without the filter basket if it gets broken.

Although the filter basket is quite sturdy and it generally is hard to break but if by chance any mishap happens then you can also make coffee without the filter basket.

All you have to do is replace the filter basket with a pour-over glass or carafe and you are good to go.

Many people have reported that they have substituted the filter basket with a Chemex pour-over jug and the coffee flavor has improved quite a bit but it is not a proven theory.

The main fact being, your coffee machine will not go to waste if the basket is misplaced or broken and you will still get good coffee.

6. A fewer number of switches to facilitate ease of use

Many pour-over style coffee makers have a lot of buttons to impress their customers with high-tech technology and features. But in the long run, these extra features are mostly unused and it becomes a waste having features that you do not use.

The Wilfa coffee machine had kept this in mind while designing this piece of art coffee maker by simplifying the coffee-making process.

The power switch is located at the side of the coffee maker so that you do not have to waste time finding it in rush hours when you need your cup of coffee quickly.

After filling the water reservoir and putting the coffee grounds in the filter basket switch the coffee machine on and press the backlit button.

You will hear a slight purr of the machine as the pump starts pulling water from the filter basket. Within a matter of five minutes, your coffee will be ready in the carafe and you can pour it directly into your cup.


How to operate Wilfa precision coffee maker?

It is pretty simple to make coffee with the Wilfa precision automatic coffee maker since you just have to place the filter and the carafe under the showerhead and fill up the water reservoir.

Pour the amount of coffee you need into the filter basket. Generally, for one liter of water, you will need fifty-five grams of coffee.

 You can control the amount of water needed by using the control ring that is attached to the filter basket. Slide the ring to the flow rate that you want.

You can also fine-tune the amount of coffee needed by stopping the process anytime you want by using the drip stop switch which also ensures that there is no coffee spill.

How does the apparatus work?

Wilfa coffee makers are known to provide an easy to use interface but with advanced technology.

This coffee machine is no exception to this rule as it has an easy mechanism but uses a water pump instead of the traditional convection current method. 

After you put the amount of water needed in the reservoir and set it on the coffee maker, the water flows to another reservoir at the base of the coffee maker.

The base has a water heater coil that heats the water to the optimum temperature. Then the water pump pushes the mix into the showerhead and it appears as if the water has turned into coffee magically. 

However, many people have faced problems with the water pump after a few years of use. If this happens within the warranty period then you can apply for the warranty and the company will replace it.

But if the warranty period is over, then it can be troublesome to change the water pump. So it is advised that if you buy this coffee maker then you should also get an extended warranty so that you do not have to worry about it later on.

A Shortlist of the Pros and Cons of the Wilfa precision coffee maker:

Wilfa Precision Coffee Maker
thumbs up regular


  • Aesthetically pleasing looks 
  • Easy to use interface that gives you good coffee with the press of a button.
  • Sturdy design that will last for years with minimum maintenance
  • Has separate settings for water flow rate
  • The water reservoir and the coffee carafe are marked for getting accurate measurements to help in using the right amount of water and coffee.
  • Optimized heating method for getting the coffee at the right temperature
thumbs down regular


  • Uses a lot of space so not advised for small kitchen spaces 
  • The water pump can cause problems in the long run
  • No alarm and time settings
  • The plastic top of the filter can break.


We have listed the special features along with the disadvantages of this coffee maker in this Wilfa precision coffee maker review.

If you love making coffee accurately then buy this appliance without a second thought as it is as accurate as it can get in coffee making.

Although the huge size can be troubling, that is nothing compared to the minimalistic design and state of the art technology. You can trust this brilliant coffee maker to give you the perfect flavored coffee that you want.

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