WDT Espresso Tool, Coffee Grounds Tamper, Coffee Stirring Needle Type Distributor

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Price: $11.99
(as of Jul 27,2022 09:48:03 UTC – Details)


Best priced handheld WDT Espresso tool for the ocd barista, and one that is simple and effective. The Weiss Distribution Technique (WDT) is a distribution method for espresso making. Use the fine needles in the tool to whisk and aerate the coffee grounds while it sits in the portafilter. The stirring action breaks up any clumps and evens out the density of your ground coffee within the puck, before you use a tamper as a leveler. The result is reduced channelling and optimised extractions. Your shots will flow a little slower. This compensates for grinders that produce excessive clumps.
Features: – Quality construction / stainless steel – Weighted handle that is comfortable to hold and use – 0.4mm diameter needles with a spring base that do not bend out of shape – 3 inch long needles for deep WDT – Spare needles

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