19 Creative Ways to Reuse Coffee Grounds For Home in 2021

ways to reuse coffee grounds

After having our cup of coffee we always wonder how to decompose the coffee grounds which are used. We don’t want to throw it away in the litter box and make it a complete waste, rather we think about how to reuse it for our benefit.

No more tossing away your ground coffee after drinking. We got you some ways to reuse that on yourself by making your life a little easier today we will talk about uses for used coffee grounds.

Okay! First let me ask you a question before starting, what are coffee grounds? 

The coffee grounds meaning is the dreg or the residual we have after brewing our coffee.

Here are few amazing uses for coffee grounds:

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Using Coffee Grounds in Your Garden

Your coffee can make your plants more blooming, by making a good fertilizer and compost for your garden, and it can be helpful for you to grow mushrooms. Not only this, but it will also repel cats and insects from your garden.

1. Fertilize Your Garden

Coffee grounds can make great fertilizer because they contain nutrients that are required to increase the growth of plants. The nutrients such as nitrogen, calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, and chromium are there in coffee grounds to encourage plant growth.

Coffee grounds can help to decrease the concentration of heavy metals in the soil which can contaminate the soil.

Coffee grounds attract the worms that are helpful for the growth in your garden.

You might be wondering, how to use coffee grounds as fertilizer? 

Take your coffee ground and sprinkle it on the soil which is surrounded by a plant you want to fertilize.

2. Compost It for Later

Composting is a natural process that turns food scraps of organic items into a dark material that helps the soil to get more nutrition and water thereby improving the health of plants.

Studies show that composed made up of coffee grounds and kitchen scraps are richer in nutrients than they are made with waste alone.

One more experiment was conducted where the composition was divided into 4 batches with 0% coffee ground, 10% coffee ground, 20% coffee ground, and 40% coffee ground.

The one containing 40% coffee ground produced the least amount of greenhouse emission and it was one of the best quality composed out of four.

Compost that includes leaves, bushes, shredded newspaper, barks, herbs, eggshells, fruits, and vegetable trimming are of the best quality. One should avoid meat scraps, fish scraps, dairy products, diseased plants, oils, and grease in the composed to make it one of the best quality.

3. Grow Mushrooms on Coffee Ground

Mushrooms are difficult to grow as they do not grow in ordinary garden soil; they require an underlying layer or substrate.

The use of coffee grounds is one of the best substances which act as a substrate as it is rich in nutrients that mushrooms require to grow. 

There is no need to stabilize your coffee before using it to grow mushroom as it has already been done in the Brewing process otherwise it would be an extra step in the growing process.

How to grow mushrooms by using coffee grounds?

1. Collect 2.5 kg off ground and moisten them by spraying water over them.
2. Add 500 grams of mushroom spore and sawdust mixture, mix it well.
3. Take a filter patch to grow bag or bucket and cut for holes of 5 mm size above the two-thirds parts of the box.
4. Place the mixture and fill it until it is one-half to two-thirds full.
5. Spray the water daily on the grounds to keep them moist.
6. Within 2 to 4 weeks little budding of Mushrooms will appear in dense white areas, after witnessing them move the container into the lighter and fresh air area.
7. When your mushrooms become plum and their caps turn upward it’s a sign that they are ready to harvest.

4. Repel Cats From Your Garden

Cats seem to hate the smell of the ground coffee so it’s one of the best methods to keep your cats or neighborhood cats away from your garden.

Repel cats from the Garden

How to use coffee grounds to repel cats?

Sprinkle the ground coffee around the perimeter area of your garden. This will restrict the cats from entering your garden.

Coffee Grounds For Insects And Fleas

1. Repel Insects and Pests

Coffee contains compounds such as caffeine and diterpenes. These compounds help to repel insects because insects are highly toxic to these compounds. 

Coffee grounds will also help you to repel bugs.

They are highly effective in repelling mosquitoes, fruit flies, and beetles and keep other pests away too.

Coffee grounds to repel Insects

How to use coffee grounds as an insect pest repellent?

It is really simple, take a bowl of ground coffee and sprinkle it around the area where you find pests and insects. 

You can even protect your garden by scattering the coffee grounds around the area and it will also help you to repel snails and slugs.

2. Remove Fleas from Your Pet

Luckily fleas don’t have any attraction towards coffee and fleas.

Ground coffee will also add smoothness and shine to the fur of your pet. 

How to use coffee grounds for the removal of lease from your pet?

After your pet is done with shampooing, take coffee grounds and rub them throughout your pet’s fur. Then rinse them with plain water and allow your pet to dry.

Removing fleas with coffee grounds is not a prescriptive method, so if this thing does not work contact your vet or doctor for an alternative option.

As the products available in the market are full of chemicals and may produce side effects so it’s better to use this home remedy first before going for any flea removal product.

Coffee Grounds for Household Use

1. Neutralize Odors

Ground coffee has nitrogen which helps eliminate sulfur gas from the air when combined with carbon. 

Ground coffee absorbs odors or eliminates them neutralizing odor around you.

Ground coffee can also be used used to make garbage disposal deodorizing tablets using Epsom salt baking soda and coffee grounds. 

  • Take a ball and combine one cup of coffee 3/4 cup of Epsom salt and a half cup of baking soda mix it well
  • Slowly add water and stay in the mixture.
  • Add water until you get a mixture that can easily be molded into a ball without being too wet or too dry
  • Make yourself small balls and dry them by laying them into a parchment paper
  • Store it in the jar and they will banish the smell of garbage whenever you need it.

How to use ground coffee for neutralizing odors?

It is simple for neutralizing the odor of a food you can use ground coffee near that. Fill your socks with ground coffee and place them as a portable air freshener. 

Coffee grounds help you to eliminate all odors from your gym bag, smelly shoes, refrigerator, you can even use them under your car seat or anywhere for some deodorizing.

It can be used coffee as a scrub for hands after chopping garlic or onions as it will help you by removing the smell from your hands.

2. Clean Your Fireplace

The ground coffee will help you to weigh down the ashes and it will help you to clean easily by not letting dust escape to other parts of the room making the removal of ashes easy and less messy.

How to use clean your fireplace using coffee grounds?

Sprinkle some coffee grounds over the ashes on your fireplace. Scrub it then rinse it off. You can clean it without making it much messy.

3. Scour Your Pots and Pans

The utensils of your kitchen which are hard to clean can be scrubbed by the coarse texture of coffee grounds to make it look clean.

How can we clean the scours of pans and dishes with ground coffee?

Sprinkle your coffee grounds on the dishes you want to clean then scrub them thoroughly. You can use it to clean dishes or remove baked food from pots and pans 

4. Repair Scratched Wooden Furniture

Your coffee grounds can be used to reduce the appearance of scratches and scuffs on your wooden furniture. Yes, you heard it right, rather than running to the market for an expensive product try this out with your wooden furniture

How to use coffee grounds to repair wooden furniture?

Make a thick paste of coffee and water. With the help of a cotton bud, rub the paste over the scratches or scuffs and allow it to sit for 5 to 10 minutes.

With the help of a cotton rag wipe out the mixture. You have to color your furniture to conceal the dark brown color of coffee. 

If you want to acquire a dark brown color of wood then continue dabbing the coffee into the scratched part with the help of cotton bud until the desired color appears. When you apply the second coat, wait for a few hours before application.

5. Trapping Cockroach

You might be wondering how coffee can help to trap cockroaches. Its simple cockroaches are attracted to the smell of ground coffee and this can be used to trap those cockroaches. 

How to trap cockroaches by coffee grounds?

Take a large glass jar and fill it with water halfway. Place small cups of moist coffee grinds inside each jar.

The cockroaches will get attracted by the scent of coffee grinds and once they enter the jar they won’t be able to escape.

Craftwork with Used Coffee Grounds

You can have a great time with kids by doing some craft work with the waste materials such as coffee grounds and other things at your place. This way you can have a great connection with your children and they will learn some creative ideas of using waste material from household

1. Coffee Slime 

Making yourself a homemade slime is a very sensory play with kids. 

How to make slime with coffee grounds?

1. Take a large container such as Mason jars.
2. Combine glue, baking soda, water, and coffee ground.
3. Add the contact lens solution a little by little and stir it until you get a slimy mixture.
4. Do not add too much contact lens solution; it will make the slime more like hard rubber.
5. Knead the mixture to get all ingredients together well.
6. Voila! your slime is ready.

2. Dyeing Textiles With Coffee

If you ever spill coffee on your clothes you might be aware of how Incredibly coffee acts as a natural dye and how hard it is to remove those stains from your clothes. This shows how good coffee will act as a natural dye to get tan to brown color.

How to use coffee grounds for dyeing textiles?

Take a pot of water, add some coffee grounds and bring it to a boil. Add some tablespoon of vinegar. Take this mixture as a dying component.

After dying your t-shirt wring it out and hang it to dry completely. Before dyeing further runs iron over it or blows it with the dryer when it’s already dried.

3. Making Antiquing Paper with Coffee Grounds

You can do the same thing for dying yourself an antique paper. The process of making antique paper is called antiquing and it just takes a normal regular piece of paper to make it look like a hundred-year-old paper.

It’s a fun time with this antique paper when you are teaching kids to make some unique paper to write or do calligraphy on. This kind of paper is trending nowadays so it’s a good idea to work on it.

How to make antique papers with coffee grounds?

1. Take a piece of paper and crumple it into a ball now smooth the same paper with your hands.
2. Preheat oven to 200 degrees celsius
3. Place that paper into a baking sheet
4. Add coffee ground and water in a pot and  bring it to a boil, pour that mixture over the paper with the help of a sponge brush 
5. sprinkle some instant coffee for a more antique look
6. Put your baking tray aside few minutes and let some wonders happen
7. With the help of some paper towel absorb that extra coffee so there is no liquid thing left on the baking sheet
8. Now put a baking sheet into the oven for about 5 minutes or until the paper dries out.

Get your antique paper out of your oven.

4. Coffee Candles

Here is one more DIY for you to reuse your coffee. Coffee grounds are going to make your candles smell more pleasant.

How to make coffee candles with ground coffee?

1. Take a mug and with the help of glue, stick that candle wick at the bottom and the center of the mug and let it dry.
2. Melt 12 oz of wax and add 1 tablespoon of ground coffee.
3. Hold the candle Wick straight up and pour a thin layer into the mug.
4. Add a light layer of coffee and pour the rest of the wax into the container.
5. With the help of a stick lightly stir the coating of the coffee to make sure that the beans are not too close to the wick.
6. Hold the wick straightened into the center and let it dry for an hour.
7. Cut off the extra wick before using your handmade candle.

Coffee Grounds for Beauty

Coffee for skin care

Coffee grounds are not only beneficial for your garden, crafts, and some household chores but they can also be used on your skin as there are many health benefits too.

Here are coffee grounds uses for skin:

1. Exfoliate Your Skin by Using it as a Natural Cleaning Scrub

Your coffee grounds can make you a sugar scrub. Be sure to dry them off before making you a scrub because any amount of moisture in the ground can mold the scrub before you get a chance to use it.

There are many coffee scrubs such as 

  • coconut coffee sugar scrub cubes
  • Creamy oats and coffee scrub
  • Coffee and cinnamon full body scrub
  • Coffee and brown sugar scrub
  • Coffee and rose water scrub 
  • coffee and green tea scrub 
  • coffee and shea butter scrub 
  • Coffee and aloe vera scrub

 and there is much more coffee scrub

Not only coffee can be used to scrub it but it can also be used to make your bath bombs.

Here’s a small DIY how to make coffee sugar scrub

  • Take a bowl and put 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds 1 tablespoon of granulated sugar and one teaspoon of olive oil
  • Mix it well and scrub it on your face and body during Shower
  • Store the rest in a glass jar and you can use it for a month

Here is another DIY of how to make coffee and rosewater scrub

  • Take a bowl and add 4 tbsp of coffee grounds, 1 teaspoon of rosewater, and 2 teaspoons of Juniper seed oil
  • Apply the mixture on your face and body and massage it over
  • You should wash it off after ten to fifteen minutes.
  • Rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Coffee grounds are not only used as a scrub but it also used to neutralize odor as it has the ability absorb and eliminate the odors.

2. Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite

Cellulite is a condition where you get dimple-looking skin that commonly occurs in the thigh region. This Happens when fatty tissues deep inside the skin push against the connective tissues.

Study shows that 80 to 90% of women 21 years and above have cellulite.

You might be wondering how coffee is going to help to reduce them? Its simple coffee contains caffeine and caffeine is used as an anti-cellulite product. Caffeine will help to break down the fat tissue and will increase the blood flow in that area decreasing the appearance of cellulite.

How to use coffee to reduce cellulite?

Take a hand full of ground coffee and mixed with water or coconut and scrub it over your body. Leave it for 10 minutes.

Apply it twice a week. You can make any other coffee scrub to use for reducing the appearance of cellulite.

3. Stimulate Hair Growth and Strip Buildup

Often styling and shampooing your hair makes them dull and weighs them down.

Coffee helps remove the build-up and dead skin cells from your hair and it will also promote hair growth and make your hair more smooth and shiny.

But be careful if you have light-colored hair as coffee is a good dyeing agent. It has some natural hair-darkening pigment that will darken the color of your hair.

Coffee also helps the skin to increase blood flow which will result in accelerating hair growth.

How to use coffee grounds for hair?

Simply grab a handful of ground coffee before you shampoo, massage it on your hair and leave it for a few minutes. Rinse normally you would do.

4. Treat Under-Eye Circles

The skin around your eyes is extremely sensitive that it can develop dark circles and puffiness under the eye. Several factors can cause dark circles, such as fragile blood vessels, poor circulation, and poor skin quality.

As coffee grounds have caffeine and high antioxidant they will be a good solution to treat your under-eye circles.

Studies show that caffeine, an antioxidant present in skincare products, helps to prevent the appearance of aging and under-eye dark circles. Caffeine has anti-inflammatory properties and it helps in stimulating blood circulation around the eyes which will help to reduce dark circles and swelling.

How to use ground coffee for treating dark circles?

Mix your coffee grind with coconut oil on water to form a paste. Applied under your eyes and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Wash it off. Repeat this process daily or twice or thrice a day.


What can coffee waste be used for?

Coffee waste can be used for many creative things. You can use this coffee waste to make your garden more blooming and free from insects and fleas.

With this coffee waste, you can have a great time with your kids by doing some DIYs with them. There are many other creative ways to use these waste coffee grounds and which we have already discussed in this same article.

How do you use ground coffee as fertilizer?

It’s really simple to use ground coffee as a fertilizer. Just take a handful of ground coffee and sprinkle it around the area you want to fertilize.

Is ground coffee good for the skin?

Of course ground coffee has many benefits on our skin such as

1. It will slough off your dead skin
2. helps to improve the circulation 
3. tighten your skin 
4. prevents aging 
5. reduce cellulite

Can I use coffee on my face every day?

Yes, you can use coffee on your face every day but depending upon your skin type you can figure out how to use it and whether to use it daily or not.

As for radiant and glowing complexion skin, you can try a coffee mask. Take half a cup of coffee and mix it with milk until it’s got a thick consistency apply it on your face for 10 to 15 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water.

For some people, using coffee daily is not a good option. Using a daily can may cause redness and make it look oilier.

Does Coffee age your face?

Something in excess will harm for example; Coffee contains caffeine and caffeine dehydrates our body which results in the toxic buildup, inflammation, and collagen loss. Moreover, anything that dehydrates your skin makes it look duller and aged.

A study in 2014 confirms that overconsumption of caffeine slows down your wound healing process and it accelerates the aging of your skin.

Will coffee grounds kill ants?

No coffee grounds will not kill the answers rather they will repel them. As ants get repulsed by the strong smell of ground coffee.

How to store used coffee grounds?

Store you use coffee grounds properly because you might need them later

1. Place the used coffee grounds into an airtight container.
2. Place them into the refrigerator avoid storing them at room temperature as they will get moldy.

It’s better to dry out these coffee grounds by placing them over a newspaper and place them in a sunny spot and leave them there until they get dried out.

The Verdict

We have learned so many ways to upcycle our ground coffee at our home and garden. We can use it for some fun ideas which we can enjoy with our children. 

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