VIE ET MAISON Drip Chair, Portable Holder for Coffee Filter Paper Bags, for Single Serve Coffee, Easy Pour Over (Basic)

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Price: $18.99
(as of May 19,2022 14:58:56 UTC – Details)


The Drip Chair is a stainless steel holder designed for people brewing with drip coffee bags.Make your own coffee filter bag with your favorite ground coffee or simply try some various disposable single serve coffee bags in the global market. Without using the Drip Chair, coffee bags may steep in the cup too long, making the coffee bitter, leaving out the original flavor. The hanging ear paper hooks set over the cup can easily get soaked and tear. The Drip Chair is a smart solution to these problems, allowing you to enjoy simple but quality coffee anytime anywhere.Material: STS 304 Stainless Steel, PVC, Fabric Dimensions: Drip Chair Basic 3.1in X 2.4in X 3in
ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, IN AN INSTANT without any compromise on quality; place the drip chair on the cup, set your favorite coffee ground paper bag and pour the hot water over; easy and convenient pour over coffee for camping, outdoors, and office; dispose the coffee bag and rinse the holder under running water after brewing
BREW A CLEAN, CLEAR AND FLAVORFUL CUP; the drip chair prevents the bottom of the coffee bag or the side hanging ear hooks from soaking in the coffee; guarantees pure extraction with no sediments; paper hooks set perfectly on the stainless steel structure provide excellent extraction rate and make a decent brew
FITS COMFORTABLY ON MUGS, GLASSES, AND THERMOSES of different width and depth; easily brew full flavored iced coffee as well as hot coffee, no equipments are needed; let the coffee drip directly into a cup full of ice and within a few minutes concentrated flavorful iced coffee is simply made; DRIP CHAIR BASIC IS IDEAL FOR TALL AND NARROW DRINKWARE (UPPER DIAMETER 2.5 – 3.7INCH)
LIGHTWEIGHT AND STURDY; the highest quality STS 304 stainless steel with easy to grip PVC protection guarantees high durability
LINEN DRAWSTRING BAG INCLUDED for portable usage; a soft fabric protection to carry the drip chair, also ideal as a multipurpose storage bag; store ground coffee and travel with the drip chair

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