Twin Peaks 100% Costa Rican Single-Serve Pour Over Coffee Pouches, 10 Count Box

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Twin Peaks™ innovative pour over coffee pouches enable you to enjoy delicious coffee anywhere by simply adding hot water. No expensive machines needed, just add open the individually sealed foil packet and place the filter on top of your mug of choice. Then gently pour hot water over the coffee grounds and let the filter and coffee grounds do the rest.
Twin Peaks uses 100% all-natural Costa Rican Arabica whole bean coffee to make sure you get the perfect cup of coffee every time. Our coffee is verified non-GMO with no additives or artificial flavors, making sure nothing gets in the way of our clean whole bean flavor. Our coffee beans are grown in rural countryside farms by farmers dedicated to the craft of producing the highest quality coffee possible. Enhanced by the tropical climate and grown in soil enriched by nutrients, this perfect growing environment enables us to deliver a beautifully balanced coffee bean for a delicious cup of 100% Costa Rican coffee.
We’ve seen a lot of different sides of the coffee experience. We’ve washed dishes, worked as barista, owned and ran cafes, and drank a fair bit of coffee. The goal was then, and still is now, to help people enjoy beautiful, fresh roasted coffee in an uncomplicated manner. We hope you will enjoy it!

TAKE ANYWHERE CONVENIENCE – Twin Peaks Costa Rican single serve pour over pouches are packaged individually in convenient filters with built in arms that clasp on top of almost any cup or mug. So, you can enjoy better tasting coffee anywhere you go.
NO MACHINES NEEDED – Single serve pour overs are portable and convenient. Just place the packet filter over any mug or cup and gently pour hot water over the grounds. Easy cleanup!
NON-GMO VERIFIED – Twin Peaks single serve pour over coffee is a verified non-GMO Costa Rican coffee product, containing no additives or artificial flavors, ensuring that nothing gets in the way of our clean whole bean flavor.

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