TINTON LIFE Reusable Metal Pour Over Coffee Dripper Stand(Bronze)Circinate Shaped with Drip Pot and Coffee Filter Dripper

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– Size of filter stand:19*15.5*15.5cm / 7.5*6.1*6.1 inches
– Size of filter: Height: 3.7inches/9.5cm; Upper Diameter: 3.9inches/10cm
– Brewing capacity: Brew 1- 4 cups (about 600ml)
– Material:Metal & Glass

You don’t need any magic skills to brew the perfect coffee. Allow yourself the time to find YOUR ultimate brewing style by trial and error. And since the large drip cone coffee filter (3.7” outer diameter) can brew up to 4 cups in one go, you can ask your friends and family to have a taste, too.

Heat water to 200°F / 95-96°C
Choose a serving size and fill the ground coffee into the filter
Ensure that all coffee grounds are covered with water – wait about 30 seconds
Let’s brew: pour heated water into the filter using a circular motion until you reach your serving size
Grab your coffee mug, take a sip and close your eyes – tastes like heaven!
Tip: Using a coarse grind is recommended, as it filters through the filter better than a super fine grind.
Simple spiral structure coffee drip stand looks fashionable
Size of filter stand:19*15.5*15.5cm / 7.5*6.1*6.1 inches,Weight:223g
DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL FRAME: A strong construction provides you with the peace of mind that you’re getting a long-lasting product for many years to make enjoyable cups of coffee
DELICIOUS COFFEE ANYWHERE YOU GO: Whether you’re at home or work, making a great cup of coffee on the spot with whatever your favorite coffee cup is a luxury you would love to have!
A LOVELY GIFT FOR ANY HOME: Whether it’s a birthday party, holiday celebration, or housewarming, any coffee lover would live this pour over coffee station as present

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