The Original French Press Brewing Bags – 50 Easy Fill Fine Mesh Disposable Coffee Filters For Your French Press Coffee Maker – Perfect for Mason Jar Cold Brew, Beer Hops, Tea, 6″x4″ White

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Product Description

Company French Press Brewing Bag FiltersCompany French Press Brewing Bag Filters


Step 1: Add Freshly Ground Coffee

Scoop 8 – 10 teaspoons of coarsely ground coffee into the brewing bag.

*The opening of the bag was engineered with a larger opening than other filters to make it easier to fill. In addition, the double heat stitched sides enable the bag to stay upright while filling.


Step 2: Secure the Drawstring

Pull and tie the drawstrings securely to ensure no grounds escape.

This is an important step as it will keep the coffee inside the bag as the coffee expands when you pour the hot water into the French Press.

add wateradd water

Step 3: Start Brewing

With drawstrings hanging over the top of the carafe, slowly add 197 degree water to the French Press.

As the coffee brews, it naturally releases gases and will begin to expand. To slow the expansion of the coffee, add the water at a slow pace.

Pro Tips! Fill carafe halfway with water and agitate the Brewing Bag. This allows the coffee to “Bloom.” Gases are released and the coffee expands. Let Brewing Bag sit for 1 minute and then resume pouring water.


Step 4: Steeping Time

Let coffee steep for at least 4 minutes*. After steeping, slowly press the plunger down until the bag is gently compressed at the bottom of the carafe.

*For some coffees, this might be different. If you find your coffee too strong, steep for a shorter amount of time. If you find your coffee too weak, steep longer.


Step 5: Relax and Enjoy

Pour coffee into your favorite mug and enjoy. Pull out the used Brewing Bag and discard in the trash. No more banging your French Press on the trashcan to get the grounds to fall out!

EASY CLEANUP – Hitting your French Press against the trash can will shatter your Glass French Press or dent your precious Stainless Steel French Press. Tossing grounds down the sink can clog your drain. These Brewing Bags solve this! Simply toss these disposable filters out after use and cleanup is done! Removes the headache cleaning your camping french press and serves as a great camping coffee filter
HIGH QUALITY – Porous, extra strong, double-sealed, non-woven material traps bitter grounds during the brewing process keeping your Coffee French Press clean and always ready to use!
CUSTOM DESIGN – Engineered by baristas to ensure your coffee completes the 3 crucial steps for a perfect brew: Bloom, Dissolution, and Diffusion. Take your french press stainless steel brewer to a new level! Ditch the old french press filters replacements and french press screen, these Brewing Bags do the filtering for you!
VERSATILE – Designed to fit your standard 8 cup (1 Liter) French Press, but versatile enough to work as Cold Brew Filters, Mulling Spice Sacks, Tea Bags, Beer Hops Bags, Citrus & Fruit Water Infusion, Soups and Boils. Also great for your small french press!
EASY FILL – Extra large opening can fit over most coffee grinders to make filling your Brewing Bag with your favorite coffee hassle free. Note* works with all coffee types

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