Tamper – Espresso Tamper – Coffee Tamper Premium Series – Coffee Press Tool – Tamper Espresso – Stainless Steel Espresso Tamper – Handle Solid Wood – Pressure Base Tampers (Natural, 41mm)

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Price: $19.99
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Manual production and the highest quality control in production, allows us to make a unique hand tamper with an excellent balance between weight and size, to help you form the most correct “coffee puck” so that you can enjoy the stunning taste and aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

Features and Benefits:

-Espresso tamper tool is made of high-quality non-wrought steel Aisi 304. -The handle of the coffee barista tamper is made of high quality, durable and durable valuable wood.
-The handle in the steel espresso tamper has a special ergonomic design that is suitable for any size and shape of hands.
-Coffee tamper pressure has a unique balance between weight and size, for better compression of coffee.
-Our espresso tamps perfectly resists damage caused by natural acids contained in coffee and is not susceptible to rust.
-Coffee temper accessories are easy to clean with a sponge and teal water.

Great gift for Christmas!

A great gift for any coffee lover !!! Present our unique coffee espresso tamper made of high-class materials with a water-resistant wooden handle for Christmas and your relatives or friends will be immensely grateful to you !!!

-Ideal for a gift for a wedding, birthday, St. Valentine’s Day, Christmas or anniversary.
HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL – When making coffee tamper, we used only high-quality and durable materials. The base is made of remarkable stainless steel Aisi 304, and an elegant ergonomic handle from Beechwood
ERGONOMIC DESIGN – The design of the wooden handle espresso tamper has a very comfortable ergonomic design. Thanks for the comfortable grip you can easily and comfortably compress your favorite ground coffee
PROFESSIONAL HANDMADE – Due to the high quality of the steel espresso control, the tamper has an ideal size and weight, because of this, the tamper forms the most correct “coffee tablet” that improves the taste of the coffee to be cooked
STAINLESS STEEL BASE espresso tamper 49mm perfectly resists damage caused by natural acids contained in coffee, is not corroded and is safe for health even after prolonged use
GREAT IDEA for a GIFT – Any fan of cooking a house barista and coffee will be delighted with such a unique gift as a coffee espresso tamper. Great gift for Christmas, birthday, wedding, any significant holiday for friends and family.

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