Syphon Coffee Maker Japanese Style Vacuum Glass Siphon Pot Percolators 1-3 Cups Siphon Coffee Maker

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The science and complex flavor of siphon brewing comes from vapor pressure pushing the water up through the siphon tube. Then, vacuum suction and gravity draw the coffee down through the grounds. has simplified this process to extract a cup of coffee that showcases all the distinctive flavors of your favorite beans.
Showcasing the theatrical artistry of siphon brewing, our brewer is made of high quality glass and stainless steel to be a true thing of beauty. View the full immersion vacuum brewing process from start to finish resulting in a complex and velvety cup of craft coffee right at home.
Easily brew 1-3 cups of siphon style coffee.
Filled down glass flask with water, wipe-dry the surface.
2. the toner cloth, fix it with the hook.
3. Install the up glass pot, not pressure tight.
Till the water ready to boll, pressure tight the 2 glasses. Till most of the down glass water fill the up glass, mix with

the coffee powder.
Mixing the coffee in every 30 seconds, repeat twice.
6. Remove the lamp, pour-out the water left in down glass, filter the coffee
7. Remove the up glass pot, enjoy your coffee.
Note: Because the goods are glass products, if you find that the goods are damaged, please contact me, and you will be repaired with damaged accessories after the sale.

This stylish siphon has a base with a beautiful look for any home or office
Made of heat resistant borosilicate glass,preventing dry heating.
15(500g)-Ounce capacity, Easy to installation and use, easy to clean.Inludes a soot free denatured alcohol burner
Classic syphon coffee maker, enjoy the visible coffee extraction process,Recommended by coffee Geek for making a smooth, delicious cup of coffee ,
Because the goods are glass products, if the goods are damaged after receiving the goods, please contact us, we will reimburse you for damaged accessories.

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