Stoneleigh Coffee – Premium 100% Grade A Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Roasted Beans – 16 0zs– Genuine Jamaican Product – Traditional Jamaican Crocus (Burlap) Bag Packed Ideal for Gifting

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Price: $48.00
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Over 40 years ago, St. Clair Shirley followed his dream to farm some of the most sought-after coffee beans on the planet and he was determined to find the best possible locations to cultivate the ultimate coffee beans. He became the proud owner of some of the oldest coffee plantations in Jamaica and his work ethic and attention to detail made all the difference in the consistency and quality of our beans to this day. Stoneleigh is nestled in the heart of the Blue Mountains in Jamaica and it features typica coffee trees planted in shade soil. In addition to its fertile land and salubrious climate, our coffee estate has a high altitude of three thousand plus feet and a low of two thousand five hundred feet. At Stoneleigh Coffee, we process and roast coffee for the discerning client. We are one of only seven licensed coffee dealers in Jamaica that handles the entire Blue Mountain coffee process. Stoneleigh is totally integrated from the farm to your cup. Stoneleigh Coffee is 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, absolutely NO BLENDS. Our hand-selected coffee beans are treated with the utmost care to protect the heavenly aroma and flavor that has made it world renowned. Stoneleigh Coffee is available in Roasted & Ground, Roasted Whole Beans and K-Cups.

100% Blue Mountain Coffee
Typica Arabica Coffee
Product of Jamaica
Certified by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica

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