Steam Espresso Machine with Milk Frother, 1-4 Cup Expresso Coffee Maker, Cappuccino Latte Machine Includes Carafe

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Product Description

espresso machineespresso machine

It is not only a espresso machine, but also a cappuccino, & latte machine! The milk steamer makes this coffee machine versatile and practical in making any, and all of your favorite hot beverages. Relax and enjoy a solitary hot beverage or make multiple drinks to enjoy with others, all done fast and efficiently.

Before purchasing and using this espresso machine, please carefully read the cautions, steps and Q&A!

Extremely important cautions!!

coffee makercoffee maker

coffee espresso makercoffee espresso maker

espresso maker milk frotherespresso maker milk frother

ONLY use coarse coffee powder

No apply to use Italian (fine) ground coffee, only use medium and coarse ground coffee (diameter>0.02 inches).

NOT unscrew the lid during operation

Do not remove the filter holder or water reservoir cap during the operation and while the appliance is in a pressurized state and cooled down.

MAX line for grounds and water

Please note “2” means 2 shots, “4” means 4 shots. “4” is the max mark.

Note: Never fill past the Max mark (4-shot scale)

How to make a cappuccino or latte?

cappucino maker with milk frothercappucino maker with milk frother

expresso coffee machinesexpresso coffee machines

espresso makerespresso maker

cappuccino machinecappuccino machine

Step 1:

Turn the control knob to the “Steam” position to release the residual pressure firstly.

Step 2:

Use the measuring carafe to determine the appropriate amount of water needed

Step 3:

Add the desired amount of coffee using the measuring scoop.

Note: Always use medium and coarse ground coffee (diameter>0.02 inches).

Step 4:

Before the operation, the filter holder must be tightened to the ” Lock ” position firstly.

latte machinelatte machine

small coffee makersmall coffee maker

espresso machine with milk frotherespresso machine with milk frother

latte makerlatte maker

Step 5:

Pour milk or milk substitute in to the mug, turn the knob to “steam”, submerge the frothing wand into the milk while rotating in a circular motion and allowing the steam process to commence.

Step 6:

After the foaming process has caused the liquid to double in volume, turn the knob to the off position.

Step 7:

Turn the knob to ” Brew ” to make expresses.

Step 8:

Unplug and Turn the control knob to the “Steam” position to release the residual pressure before removing filter holder or water reservoir cap.

coffee maker with milk frothercoffee maker with milk frother


If you would simply like to utilize the frothing feature, you can add roughly 3.3oz of water and turn the knob to the “Steam” position, then fluffy foaming will be done in 2 mins.

espresso coffee makerespresso coffee maker

coffee espresso machinecoffee espresso machine

espresso coffee machineespresso coffee machine

The espresso scoop has a flat bottom to pack down the grounds tightly to make a more potent shot, and may also be utilized as a stand.

The plastic component of the frothy wand can be removed for easy cleaning.

Caution: every time frothing is done, remove the plastic component and use a wet cloth to clean the frothy wand in time, otherwise the frothy wand could be clogged.

The drip tray collects any spillage to avoid messes and it is removable for easy cleaning.

portable espresso makerportable espresso maker

Frequent Q&A

1. Why doesn’t milk frother work?

That frothy wand is clogged cause this problem, please use a cleaning needle to unclog the small hole in the frothy wand.TIPS: Clean the froth wand as soon as possible after frothing.

2. Can the coffee pods be used in this machine?

No, this espresso machine only can brew grounds, coffee pod is not compatible with it.

3. When making a cappccino, do I brew the coffee first and then froth milk?

No, we recommend doing all frothing prior to making any coffee drinks.

4. Can I open the water tank lid to add water while brewing espresso?

No, do not remove the filter holder or water tank lid during the operation and while the appliance is in a pressurized state until the appliance has released pressure and cooled down.

5. What is the maximum water and coffee powder for this espresso machine?

There is scale “2” and “4” in the carafe and filter, scale “4” is the max line, water or coffee powder shouldn’t pass max line.

Quick brewing of espressos, cappuccinos, & lates – This 3.5 Bar espresso machine is easy to use with a single knob for all operations, it rapidly and professionally extracts 4 shots of velvety smooth hot espresso (167F-199F) in 2 mins.
Expresso machine with milk frother- It enables you to enjoy your favorite kinds of coffee such as cappuccinos and lattes at home, at work, or any place you like. Never be without your favorite beverages it again as it only takes one twist of a knob to enjoy your favorite hot drinks. The milk steamer turns milk or milk substitutes into soft rich foam in 40 seconds for a creamy cappuccino and so much more.
Carafe with scale to customize 1-4 cups of coffee – This versatile latte, cappuccino machine, also comes with a carafe to determine the ideal amount of water needed for brewing. There is also a filter basket scale built in to weigh out the ideal amount of coffee grounds needed. This coffee maker can brew four shots of espresso at once. Enjoy multiple shots in your beverages for a strong rich brew or share them with others, and enjoy a delicious coffee drink with friends.
Mini expresso maker- This compact size espresso maker’s design is a perfect fit for any size kitchen (big or small), office, and RV. The Drip tray and plastic components including the frother wand are removable for easy cleaning.
Important cautions – Only use medium and coarse ground coffee (>0.02 inches). Never fill past the Max mark (4-cup scale). Do not remove the filter holder or the water reservoir cap during the operation or immediately after the brewing. Turn the control knob to the “Steam” position to release the residual pressure firstly.

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