Stainless Steel Dosing Cup Coffee Sniffing Mug Powder Feeder for Espresso Machine Portafilter Coffee Tamper (Black, 54mm)

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Type: Coffee Machine Powder Cup
Material: stainless steel
Calibre: 54mm/58mm
Color: Silver/Black

Package Includes:
1x Coffee Machine Powder Cup

Use method:
1. Pour hot water into the cup, and do not exceed the relief valve.
2. Pour coffee powder (recommended fine grinding) into the powder cup. Use the chopsticks or beans spoon to smooth the powder.
3. Slightly filter the filter paper, affixed to the upper filter and screw up the upper seat.
4. Spin on the upper seat (to tighten the pressure will not leak out). Do not rotate the handle of the Mocha pot, then it is easy to spin.
5. Heating with a gas lamp or an alcohol stove. It is easy to make the base hot if you add hot water. 6. When coffee coming out, turn it into a small fire (don’t let it rush out quickly).
7. Then slowly boil the coffee.

1.Before first use, wash and dry the funnel with white vinegar and water.
2.When using, avoid collision with sharp objects, so as to avoid scratches.
3. After using, wash with a little neutral or alkaline detergent, dry with a soft cloth, keep dry and clean.
4.Avoid dry burning.

Features: Coffee Dosing Cup, Coffee Sniffing Mug, Coffee Powder Feeder, Espresso Machine Tamper, Coffee Press Accessories
Premium Quality: This dosing cup is wear resistant and corrosion resistant with the stainless steel material and surface polishing process, non-toxic and harmless, can be directly in contact with food, rust-proof and durable, and can be used with confidence
Easy to Clean: Stainless steel material makes cleaning easier.You only need to rinse with water or put it in the dishwasher for cleaning
Convenient to Use: It is convenient to receive the grinder grinding coffee power with this powder cup
Widely Used: Coffee machine handle powder cup, home kitchen bar coffee utensils. Small and exquisite, suitable for espresso machines, making coffee easier

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