Soulhand Pour Over Kettle with Thermometer, Gooseneck Kettle Tea Pot with Triple Layered Base Anti-Rust Design Support All Stove and Fire-40oz/1200ML

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Established in 2016, SOUL HAND has always been committed to providing our customers with high quality products that deliver pleasant and relaxing experience.

We believe that “brewing itself is beautiful”. By manual coffee, you can not only enjoy the exquisitely brewed coffee, but also arouse your understanding of life and touch your soul in the cycle of making and tasting.

For Your Manual Coffee Brewing

☕UNIQUE GOOSENECK OUTLET DESIGN: Unique outlet design of the gooseneck kettle can help you solve water control problems perfectly. Making a cup of aromatic coffee, the speed of the water is vital. The design of the swan neck outlet is more curved than most of the market. Also, the pour-over kettle has a special curvature. This curvature can help you control the size and speed of the water flow, perfectly poured every time, bringing delicious and smooth coffee.
☕COMPLEX TRIPLE-LAYER BASE: We upgraded the bottom and upgraded from the original stainless steel to stainless steel – aluminum – stainless steel combination of three-layer composite base, this design can maintain rust-free status for more than ten years. Don’t worry, after the upgrade, the gooseneck kettle still applies to all stoves, even on the fire!
☕INTEGRATED THERMOMETER: The pour-over kettle comes with an easy-to-read integrated thermometer(Celsius and Fahrenheit), the reader on the lid allows you to easily boil water to the precise temperature every time (190-210°F). With the help of a thermometer, you will make a perfect cup of coffee every time!
☕SUITABLE FOR MOST STOVES & FIRES: You can use a variety of boilers or heaters to boil water such as gas burners, electric, induction, halogen, and radiant stovetops. Please note that this kettle can holds about 40 ounces of water but we recommend boiling 27 ounces of water at a time, this is to avoid overflows when boiling.
☕A GOOD COMPANION FOR COFFEE: Why do we have to make a cup of Joe? Turn your beans into coffee, break the barriers of life, and find a sense of life! Soulhand gooseneck kettle elegant and noble, it is suitable for novices and also for coffee lovers, it is particularly powerful and inclusive, just like coffee for everyone.

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