Soulhand 1.5L/50oz Pour Over Coffee Kettle, Green Gooseneck Kettle Drip Brew Coffee Tea Kettle with 3 Layered Stainless Steel Bottom for Induction Electric Stovetop

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Established in 2016, SOUL HAND has always been committed to providing our customers with high quality products that deliver pleasant and relaxing experience.

We believe that “brewing itself is beautiful”. By manual coffee, you can not only enjoy the exquisitely brewed coffee, but also arouse your understanding of life and touch your soul in the cycle of making and tasting.

For Your Manual Coffee Brewing

☕1.5L/50oz LARGE CAPACITY: Boil water for a big brew or multiple smaller brews in a single pour over coffee kettle. (Practical Capacity: 1.0L/34oz)
☕WELL-ANGLED GOOSENECK SPOUT: This drip brew coffee kettle with a slim gooseneck spout makes it easier to control the amount and speed of hot water being poured when brewing pour over coffee.
☕ULTIMATE POURING CONTROL: Use a gooseneck coffee kettle in hand brewing to maintain a consistent flow of water and stop when necessary. A precise pour balances the coffee grounds and ultimately reduces the bitterness and sourness of the coffee.
☕FOR ELECTRIC & INDUCTION COOKTOPS: Featured with triple-layered bottom (304 stainless steel + aluminum + magnetic stainless steel), this gooseneck water kettle is compatible with induction and electric stovetop. NOTE: Not recommended for gas cooktop.
☕STYLISH & ELEGANT: The phenol resin handle and knob in wood grain pattern, coupled with the matt pink/mint blue finish kettle body, made this stovetop coffee kettle stunning in any kitchen.

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