SMKF Stainless Steel Espresso Knock Box

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Price: $14.55
(as of Sep 09,2021 15:31:11 UTC – Details)


Knock boxes are handy to have and easy to use. Knockboxes are used to ‘knock out’ to the spent ground coffee out of the portafilter (filter handle) so the next espresso can be prepared. Turn your portafilter upside down and give it a good smack against the inner bar or side of the box to loosen the spent espresso puck. Keep the mess in the box, and the flavor in the cup. The knockbox should be cleaned minimum once per day or when full.

Dump your espresso grounds – holds 10 double pucks
Keep your work area clean by disposing of espresso grounds in a knockbox
Industrial stainless steel, sturdy construction
Inner size: 5.5inches(L),4.9inches(W),3.8inches(H), Weight: 0.8lb
Designed for commercial or serious home use

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