Single Serve Pour Over Coffee Washed Medium (10pk), 100% Hawaiian Award Winning Coffee by Ka`u Coffee Mill (Natural Dark)

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100% Hawaiian Coffee beans
It is a great way to drink good coffee at work or on-the-go, and is perfect for those moments when you need a boost but don’t have the time to do the whole coffee routine.
Made with two of our most popular roasts and sealed to keep the grounds from oxidizing, you can now enjoy a quick cup of coffee that is absolutely comparable to a classic pour-over in both flavor and freshness!
Award Winning Hawaiian Ka’u Coffee, single estate sustainably grown at high altitude and handpicked. The soils of the district are young volcanic ash deposits from nearby Kilauea volcano; they are well drained and acidic in nature which the coffee plants love.
Kaʻu Coffee Mill is Hawaiian full-service coffee plantation located in the district of Kaʻu on the Island of Hawaii. Our beans are stored green and small batch fresh roasted daily. The Hawaiian climate of the region provides sunny hot mornings, then a characteristic cloud filled afternoon with light rains. Then at night the cold mountain air flows off of Mauna Loa towards the coast cooling the region and allowing the coffee plants to store energy and sugars within the ripening beans.

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