What Is Single Origin Coffee? [100% Exclusive Guide] in 2021

Single Origin Coffee

Single Origin Coffee Beans, Have you ever heard about What is Single Origin Coffee Beans?

If NO, then you will definitely be able to learn everything about Single Origin Coffee Beans.

If YES, you might be well aware of it, but you can also read this blog. I hope you will  find something interesting reading this blog.

So, Let’s start now…

First we will discuss with a brief about Single Origin Coffee Beans..

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What is Single Origin Coffee Bean?

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Coffee Plants are grown in various regions of the world. Some of the species of coffee beans are specifically originated in only one region of the whole world. Let me explain you with an example – 

A farm is growing “ABC” species of coffee beans, this species of coffee bean is only grown in this farm around the whole world. 


Few farms are growing “ABC” species of coffee beans and this bean is only grown by them around the world.


A Region is specifically growing “ABC” Species of coffee beans and is only grown in that region around the world. 

Then, we say this type of coffee beans as Single Origin Coffee Beans. The single origin coffees are harvested just once in a year in a particular season depending on various factors like climate, region etc.

Every Single Origin Coffee Bean has a different taste, aroma, flavour and caffeine content.

One question would come in your mind for now, that are we using Single Origin Coffee Beans at our home?

Usually, we buy Coffee beans from nearby shops, Shopping malls, Cafe’s, or maybe online through E-Commerce websites. 

These beans are Blends or Hybrid versions of two or more than two different region’s coffee beans. If you ask specifically for Single Origin Coffee Beans, you might get it, but it’s almost not available everywhere. 

The Single Origin Coffee Beans are rare and have a special quality of taste, aroma and flavour. These things make them different from the regular beans we do use in our home. 

Can you please explain to me in detail about single origin coffee ?

Yes why not?  Let’s go into its depth.

Depth of term Single Origin Coffee

We have discussed the single origin coffee beans. But it’s not that very simple, If we go in detail we can understand more variations of single origin. 

Micro Lot

The Coffee produced from a single plot of land, or a single farm comes under Micro lot. These type of farming is done by a group of individuals living nearby. 

Macro Lot

This is a broad concept of farming of single-origin coffee. In this culture, the coffee is produced from

Single farm / estate 

The coffee produced by a single farm, it has its distinctive flavour, and thus very expensive.

Single cooperative

In this culture a farm just produces a single bag of coffee, which doesn’t meet the demand supply chain. So, they make a cooperative, in which they give their harvested coffee for processing and that cooperative sells a big lot. 

Next question coming to your mind might be of how we can Identify a Single origin coffee?

So, we will discuss it now. 

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How to Identify Coffee as Single Origin?

The Coffee can be identified as Single Origin by several factors


The packet of coffee is mentioned with the name of the region of origin, like Bourbon, Guatemala, Costa Rican.

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The Quality may be differentiated by their roasting style. Some are Light Roasted, Dark Roasted, etc.


Each farm has their own distinctive flavour in their Single origin coffee beans. It totally depends on the region of location, Climate and moisture level. 

This way you can easily identify a pack of coffee either its a blend or single origin coffee.

Are single origin coffees better than other coffee?

Better ? To say a coffee is better than other coffees we have to classify it into different factors first. 

The factors for classification can be done by taking into consideration of their –








These are the factors responsible for understanding which one is better. We will discuss it by differentiating with another type of Coffee.

How does Single origin coffee increase its popularity? 

The Increasing popularity of Single Origin Coffee

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The single origin coffee got popular from some specialty cafes. They started new brewing techniques, like Pour over, AeroPress, Siphon etc.

These techniques came with a new concept of brewing coffees and got popular for their taste, Flavour, and aroma. 

Thus, Coffee lovers started to ask about their coffee beans and place of origin of the beans.

How the coffee beans were cultivated and what was their soil, climate and many more things started being asked by the coffee lovers. 

Though the farms used to grow their coffees, they started to grow some specific quality in their farms. This later resulted in an increase in the popularity of Single origin coffee beans.

Now we will discuss how the demand for Single origin coffee changes at its origin?

Demand for Single origins Changes at Origin of Coffee

We as consumers of Coffee in the market are dominating the coffee farmers, mainly known as speciality farmers with our demand for coffee.

They are using new techniques, using high-quality crops, and improvising from time to time in response to our demands. 

The specialty farmers are doing some experiments on the variety and cultivation of coffee to have control on their growth, harvesting time, milling and processing of the coffee beans.

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Direct trade increases Coffee quality

Direct trade is less organised. The farmers sell their coffee to the distributors and distributors make us comfortable to avail it. Meanwhile, the farmers get their money on time and get value from their hard work too. 

It has become rare to find a specialty roaster without a first hand farmer, detailed understanding of the impact of farming and processing on their beans.

Consumers understand the hard work of the farmers and roasters and pay the value amount for the quality coffee. 

Hence, From the specialty farmer, roaster to the final consumers, all play a vital role in increasing the coffee quality.  

This way the market becomes easier for the farmers and they take an initiative to take care of the coffee’s quality and improvise it on a regular basis as per the consumers demand. 

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What do coffee roasters say about the single-origin?

Earlier, The Single-origin was just a term to differentiate between the coffee grown by a farmer and the roaster’s blend.
The roasters only knew that the coffee was single-origin or not. The consumers were not at all concerned about these things. The consumers were getting a good taste of coffee that was enough for them. 
Later, The roasters started roasting single-origin beans separately which got their own flavor, aroma and taste.
Specialty cafes introduced that single-origin coffee into the mainstream by using some new techniques like Aeropress, Pour Over, etc. Thus, The consumers got a better taste and they started getting aware of the single-origin beans. 
On the other hand, If we take an example of a country named “Tanzania”. There are many regions growing coffee.
The country has Coastal Tropical weather, The peak of the mount KILIMANJARO is snow-capped, The NYIRI Desert, Lake Victoria, and the Serengeti. 
The coffee-growing region there are Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Mozambique. But saying the coffee grown there as single-origin doesn’t make sense. 
All these regions have different tastes but are considered as single-origin as abroad. 
So, as a conclusion, Single origin is a word that is somehow inadequate for the coffee industry. 

What does ‘single origin’ mean for coffee consumers?

The coffee consumers are now getting aware of what exactly is a Single origin coffee. The specialty cafes are now trying to make a difference about coffee not on the basis of their region but on farms and estates to something exclusive. 
The cafes are ordering to the brokers and importers a varietal coffee based on different estates by ordering a small quantity of various farms rather to get a huge bag of a single origin coffee.
The cafes need coffee on the basis of their roasting differences to get something new for their consumers. 

What are Coffee Blends?

Coffee blends are made by mixing coffee of two or more different origins together. Coffee blend is created to get the best coffees from different regions and make a smooth and well balanced coffee. 
The blend has its own importance as they do not have a strong taste as Single origins, which goes well for making an Espresso base for Cappuccino and Latte. 

Why Do Roasters Create Blends?

Blending of coffee is done because consumers demand a flavour which is repeatable and consistent all around the year.
The Roasters create blends to define their brand and get customers again. Three major reasons for creating blends are for cost-cutting, maintaining a signature and unique taste, and making the availability of coffee consistent. 
Blending of coffee is mainly done by large commercial roasters to maintain a consistency in demand and supply chain and also for improvement in the coffee’s flavor and body. 


Coffee Tasting

What is the Difference Between Single Origin and Coffee Blends?

The differences can be seen by some major factors like –
Single-origin coffee is expensive. Whereas, blended coffee is not that costly. 
The Single-origin coffee is available on a seasonal basis and the Blend coffee is available consistently all round-year. 
The Blend coffee has a smooth flavor and varies taste upon the roaster’s style of roasting. Single-origin coffee has its own distinctive flavor and aroma depending on its origin. Usually, it is light or medium roasted.
The single-origin coffee is traceable as we are aware of its origin but in blend coffee, the traceability is not possible as it is hidden that which regions coffee are mixed to make a blend. 
The single-origin is popular among those consumers who want a distinctive taste from a single origin farm with a better taste. Whereas, the Blend coffee is popular for those who want a regular found taste all round the year. 

Which Coffee is Right for you?

The Choice of coffee depends upon the consumer and its several factors. The above mentioned difference can give you a proper way to decide which Coffee is more suitable for you. 
According to me you should try the Single Origin Coffee for sure. You will love to have it. It really tastes better. Rich aroma, distinctive flavor makes it really different and unique. 

Please comment below if you have any query. 


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