SILMUR Coffee Tamper 49mm 100% Stainless Steel. Premium Quality UNIBODY Pro Tamper and Tiny Portafilter Coffee Gift Set. 1.10 lb Flat Base Coffee Tamp Tool, Barista Tools, Espresso Tamper Tool

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Product Description

Billboard Image of the SILMUR tamper with LogoBillboard Image of the SILMUR tamper with Logo

Now, There’s No Excuse For Bad Espresso.

Couple drinking coffee at the table.Couple drinking coffee at the table.

Image of product.Image of product.

This 49mm Tamper Thinks It’s An Award Winning Barista

The first coffee of the day is always the best. But now that you have the SILMUR Tamper, your brew is about to get seriously serious! And with a ‘tech-inspired’ unboxing experience with portafilter keychain, you can gift it to someone who needs better coffee too. This is the type of UNIBODY Flat Base Tamper coffee pros use every day for a solid puck and the most even extraction, and in competition! It makes barista perfect coffee at home and of course, if you ARE a barista – even better coffee at work!

Close up to hands using the tamper.Close up to hands using the tamper.

But Why Take Our Word For It? Check The Specs!

· 49mm Tamper with 1.10 lb Heft and Flat Base

· 304 Stainless Steel, Complete Unibody Design

· Ergonomically Shaped for Exquisite Hand-Feel

Unlike aluminum, or chromed iron it won’t rust or flake into your coffee and with a flat base it’s designed for a more even compaction and extraction. And the Unibody design means you won’t be dealing with loose parts while perfecting your tamp.

Go Ahead, Drop It on Your Kitchen Floor – Just Not On Your Toes!

Tamper laying on countertop.Tamper laying on countertop.

Tamper next to espresso shot.Tamper next to espresso shot.

Hand holding tamper.Hand holding tamper.

Hands holding tamper and portafilter.Hands holding tamper and portafilter.

It’s Got a Lot of Heft

At 1.10 lbs this is one tamper that won’t break. And while you can always expect normal use scratches and wear and tear, you shouldn’t expect dents or serious damage like those other plated or coated, multi-piece tampers.

Rust Free Coffee!

Made from Food Grade Stainless Steel your tamper is Dishwasher Safe and will NEVER rust or shed bits of silver coating into your brew. Coffee is sacred so don’t ruin it with iron, aluminium or chrome coffee tampers.

Unibody Design

Sure, you could get a screw together ‘toy tamper’, but life’s too short for screwed up coffee. Those things loosen and affect your tamp, but our solid unibody design lets you take full control of how that espresso turns out.

Professional Flat Base

Often asked in forums, “is convex or flat base better?”. The answer is flat due to the fact it offers a more even compaction and puck extraction. Convex is for mounded coffee, flat is for the finishing touch and the perfect crema

A woman opening the product at KitchenA woman opening the product at Kitchen

With ‘Tech-Inspired’ Unboxing Experience and Zinc Alloy Mini Portafilter Keychain, It’s Obvious SILMUR Tampers are For Those Serious About Proper Coffee

Flat Flat

Unibody Unibody

304 Stainless

1.10 lb 1.12 lb

With Keychain

Gift Boxed

With this Professional Grade Tamper, There is No Time For Bad Coffee: With a 1.10lb heft, unibody design and ‘tech-inspired’ unboxing experience with portafilter keychain, the SILMUR Tamper is only for those who ‘know’ coffee. And because it has a flat base, you already know you’re going to get a more even pressure and extraction from your puck.
Go On, Drop It! At 1.10lbs this is one coffee tamper that won’t break. But if you drop it, it might break your toe! Because this is a professionally made, solid unibody coffee tamp and not one of those toy hand tamper tools that an instant coffee drinker would use. And the ergonomics are exquisite too! As soon as you hold it in your hand you’ll realize this is a serious tool, for proper espresso.
49mm Diameter: Check the portafilter on your at-home machine right now. If it’s 49mm, and you need a solid, one-piece tool just like baristas use, then your espresso tamp search is over. But listen, if you are a barista and your portafilter is 51mm, 53mm, 58mm or other, choose the professional tamper that fits you.
Rust Free Coffee: Made from solid food grade stainless steel in a single unibody design, your espresso tamper will never rust or shed bits of silver coating into your brew. That also makes it 100% dishwasher safe. Coffee is sacred so don’t ruin it with iron, aluminum or chrome coffee tampers.
Get Ready For Better Crema: Our espresso hand tampers are so solid they come with a Life Warranty (provided damage was under normal and reasonable use). And while you can always expect scratches and wear and tear, you shouldn’t expect dents or serious damage like ‘silver-coated’ tampers. For yourself, staff or coffee gifts for coffee lovers, unbox your way to better crema with SILMUR.

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