Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine,Single Serve Coffee Maker,Commercial Coffee Maker Machine,Suitable for Home, Company,Hotel

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Price: $653.28
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1. With Stainless steel cup warmer function
2. Automatically alarm water and bean shortage
3. Automatic tip for full coffee grounds tank
4. Various beverage parameters can be customized
5. Automatic memory the number of beverage
6. Automatically rinsing when turn on and off
7. 6 grades adjustable bean grinding system

Voltage: AC120V 60Hz US Plug
Power: 1200W
Power Range for Single Cup: 27-160ml
N.W: 27.56 lbs
G.W: 31.53 lbs
Product Size: 18.7 x 9.68 x 14.57 inch
Package Size: 22.24 x 12.8 x 18.31 inch
Power Line length: 1.2M
Material: ABS+304 stainless steel
Power input: 220V/50Hz
Water tank size: 7.68 x 3 x 7.72 inch
Capacity of Water reservoir: 57.49 oz (1.7L)
Bean box capacity: 250g
Slag box capacity: 12 Pcs
Brewing core powder capacity: MAX 13.5g
Pressure solenoid pump: 19Bar
Water solenoid pump: 15Bar
Boiler: Single boiler 1200W
Coffee outlet adjustment height: 85-135mm
Other Accessories: 1xCleaning Brush; 1xMeasuring Spoon;  1x Milk Tube; 1x Power Cord; 1x Manual

19 Bar strong core.Fully extract the coffee oil, and then through the pre-brewing function, the coffee produced is rich in oil and has a fragrant taste. Coffee powder does not pass through any pipes to ensure that the coffee is fresh.
LED display, stainless steel buttons. 6 grades adjustable bean grinding system. The metal cup warmer can guide the excess heat of the boiler to the top to play the cup warming function.
The coffee outlet has an illuminator, which is convenient for use in low-light environments. The height of the coffee outlet can be adjusted, and the height of the water outlet can be adjusted according to the cup type, effectively preventing coffee drips.
When the coffee grounds are full, the system will automatically alarm when the number of brewing reaches 15 cups. If there is a shortage of water or beans, the screen will automatically prompt when the water tank is short of water or beans.
Greasy golden, the surface oil is hazelnut color, easy to make fancy coffee.Fragrance-mellow mouth, with a balanced coffee bean flavor.The mellow oil lasts for a long time. Reminder: If you return the goods for non-quality problems, you need to return to the warehouse at your own expense, please confirm the above to purchase.

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