Senseo 781065 Coffee Maker, 40.6oz, Black

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Price: $149.21
(as of Jan 20,2022 10:55:16 UTC – Details)


Uniquely designed, this coffeemaker brews a single serving of fresh gourmet Coffee at the touch of a button. Because the machine uses pre-measured Coffee pods, the system is hassle-free, is easy to clean, and s a flavorful, fresh Brew each time. The coffeemaker is shaped like a curved cylinder with a round base. Two pod holders are included: A shallow holder that holds one Coffee pod for one cup, and a deeper filter that holds two pods for two cups (or one 8-ounce mug). after filling the removable reservoir with fresh water to the ‘max’ Line, the pods are inserted and the lid locked into place. A simple push of the ‘on/off’ Button and either of the one- or two-cup buttons starts the brewing process. Up to five 4-ounce Cups can be brewed on one reservoir of water. Cups are not included, but almost any 4-ounce cup or 8-ounce mug will do the trick. All the removable parts-thee pod holders, reservoir, Coffee spout, plastic drip tray, and metal cup tray-aree dishwasher-safe.

Get the most out of your SENSEO coffee pad thanks to Coffee Boost technology
Crema Plus for a finer and velvety crema layer
Choose between short and intense or long and smooth coffee with Intensity select
The only coffee pod maker that brews two cups at a time
Adjust the coffee spout to fit your favorite cup or mug

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