Scoof French Press Cleaner: Stirs To Develop Coffee Flavor. Cleans With An Easy Twist Of The Scoop. For French Presses and Cafetieres (Navy Blue)

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Price: $13.95
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Scoof is the only cafetiere and French press accessory that stirs in flavour and takes out the mess. Scoof is a utensil with twin blades and a long handle designed to turn within the cylinder of cafetieres. The twin blades have a dual-action stirring liquids and also scooping up solids by simply twisting the handle: Stir with Scoof during coffee preparation to fully mix the coffee grounds into the brew. Scoof produces a vigorous stirring vortex with the lightest of touches. Coffee experts recommend that stirring thoroughly ensures more coffee flavour reaches the final cup. Clean with Scoof after use. Simply drain the cafetiere, insert Scoof into the cylinder and collect the coffee waste with a twisting motion. Over 95% of the waste coffee is removed in 3 twists. Coffee waste is easily tapped into the food waste or collected for recycling. Scoof has a slightly smaller diameter than standard cafetiere cylinders (8.4 cm, 3.3 inches). and fits 8, 6 and 4 cup cafetieres and double walled versions. Scoof may also be used with larger 12 cup cafetieres. Scoof will not fit the smallest 3 cup cafetieres. Scoof – Make Cafetiere Coffee Better.

Stirs perfectly to release the maximum flavor from the grounds for better tasting French Press / Cafetiere coffee
Cleans up coffee waste easily with 95% removed in 3 twists
Use with 34oz / 8 cup and 6 or 4 French Presses (blade diameter of 3.3 inches/ 8.4 cm)
May use with larger 12 cup French Presses (not suitable for smallest 3 cup versions)
Suitable for use in boiling water, dishwasher proof and made with food safe nylon

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