Sandbox Smart Home Coffee Roaster Machine with Cooling Tray – Electric Direct Fired Beans Roasting For Home Use, Delivered via the App. 110V (Black)

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Price: $950.00
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Product Description

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This is How You RoastThis is How You Roast

Direct Fire RoastingDirect Fire Roasting

Easy to CleanEasy to Clean

Never Go Wrong with These OptionsNever Go Wrong with These Options

● Direct Fire Roasting

Transferring heat directly to the raw beans allows them to get heated evenly from the inside out. It brings out the most original and authentic taste of real coffee.

● Easy to Clean

With the drawer in the roaster, you can easily collect parchment and chaff following each roast. While cooling the beans, there is a built-in ventilator which sucks in all the chaffs as well. Now, you can roast your beans without any of the muss or fuss.

● Never Go Wrong with These Options

No idea where to start? Don’t worry. We’ve got it all set up for you! You can find many different roasting curves in the app, including the default pre-programed roasting curve and curves shared by others on the app. You can also set your own roasting curve as well. Even better, you can save all the curves you’ve tried and use them for your next roast with just a single click.

Every Detail Matters.Every Detail Matters.


Roast Your Beans with a Single Click: Roast coffee beans more easily and professionally! This smart coffee bean roaster will guide your step-by-step with professional instructions delivered via app.
Get Your Coffee Without the Mess: Is silverskin getting all over the table? It won’t with our roaster! A convenient drawer for collecting silverskin and excellent ventilation design in the cooling stray make sure your roasting experience stays neat and tidy.
Roasting with Peace of Mind: The drum of the coffee roaster is made of 304 stainless steel and the one in the cooling tray is made of 316 stainless steel.
All the Roasting Curves You Need: If you’re feeling a little uncertain about how to get started, let the handy built-in roasting curves (conveniently found in the app!) be your guide. Pre-programmed curves, advanced curves, community sharing curves, self-created curves, and historical curves are all at your fingertips!
What’s in the Box: Each set includes a coffee roaster, a cooling tray, a pair of resistant gloves, a brush for maintenance, a user manual, and a 1-year warranty.

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