Roponan V60 Ceramic Pour Over Coffee Dripper, Porcelain Cone Filter with 80 Paper Filters for Home, Cafe, Restaurants (Black)

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Product Description


V60 Ceramic Pour Over Coffee Dripper for 1-3 Cups

pour overpour over


A large drip hole

allows coffee to flow through faster; The ground coffee don’t get clogged up.

The ridges on the inside of the funnel

make water maintain a proper flow rate to optimize coffee absorption; makes it super easy to remove the paper filter

The cone shape

help with the brewing process; increase the drip surface, which yields a more true-to-taste cup

Premium Ceramic, Fantastic Flavor

brew coffeebrew coffee

brew coffee 2brew coffee 2

paper filterpaper filter

Premium, Smooth Ceramic

Holds heat much better than plastic;

Fit perfectly over regular-sized coffee mugs;

Portable and convenient;

Easy to clean;

Customized Coffee

The pour over coffee brewing provides you with control over every step of brewing process and a coffee with richer, bolder flavor.

80 Pcs of #2 Disposable Paper Filters

Match up with our ceramic dripper perfectly;

High quality paper that won’t tear for mess-free brewing;

No papery taste, no adhesive, no harmful coating inside and unbleached;

Steps to Brew Coffee

Step 1Step 1

Step 2Step 2

Step 3Step 3

Step 4Step 4

Step 1

Fold the paper filter, place it into the dripper, and rinse the paper filter with boiling water to remove the smell and to warm the dripper.

Step 2

Add ground coffee and pour boiling water over the grounds by using a swirling motion to wet the grounds all.

(12 gram of ground coffee for about 120 ml of coffee)

Step 3

Continue to add water after waiting 30 seconds. Again, with the swirl pattern.

(Never let the water level get higher than the level of the grounds.)

Step 4

Remove the dripper and enjoy your coffee.

We recommend:

Use the proper filter and fold it correctly and place it into the dripper.Use properly hot water. The water should be between 200 degrees F and boiling. If you are using tepid water, you’ll get tepid results.Pour the water over slowly. Make sure that you wet the grounds first and give them a chance to settle. Then slowly pour the water over.









4.5″ in diameter; 3.7″ in height


brews 1-3 cups

Package Content

1 ceramic coffee dripper + 80 pieces of paper filters


Brew Only What’s Needed for Less Waste

The pour over coffee dripper is perfect for the coffee enthusiast and at-home baristas;

High quality paper make sure filters brew rich and flavorful coffee;

Healthy Material: The coffee dripper is made of premium, smooth ceramic. It not only looks great, but also helps ensure a constant temperature during the brewing process.
Cone Design: The V-shape and spiral, ribbed inner design lengthens blending time of coffee and water for better extracting all the rich flavors of ground coffee.
Space Saver: The ceramic coffee filter takes up less space and easily hand-washable, and fits perfectly with any coffee mugs.
Delectable Homemade Brew: Our classic ceramic coffee dripper lets every coffee lover have a traditional, hands-on brewing experience and brews 1-3 cups each time.
Customized Coffee: Different tastes can be formed by different pouring speed.

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