9 Strongest Robusta Coffee Brands [Reviews+Buying Guide]

Robusta Coffee Brands

Which coffee you are brewing today morning in your kitchen? Is It Arabica, Robusta, or a blend of Coffee beans? Which brands do you prefer for coffee beans? Have you ever tasted any Premium Robusta Coffee Brands?

Coffee has two main varieties: Arabica and Robusta. Arabica is mild and aromatic. It’s the king of coffee and accounts for about 70% of the world’s coffee production. 

Robusta coffee trees represent about 30% of the world’s coffee production. 

Robusta beans produce a bitter-tasting coffee with about 50% more caffeine than Arabica. 

What is Robusta Coffee?

cup of coffee
Cup of Coffee

Robusta is not the term used for all Arabica coffee beans, except for varieties that have much higher caffeine content.

The American coffee standard and the European coffee standard both allow for levels of caffeine of up to 70mg per kilo of coffee, which means Robusta beans can have up to 75mg of caffeine per kilo. 

However, some people prefer a coffee that has stronger caffeine content, such as Colombian coffee with up to 95mg of caffeine per kilo.”

Qualities Of Robusta Coffee

  • Indicative Blend
  • Maintain low pH
  • Excellent taste
  • Excellent concentrate
  • Good after taste
  • Reduce the amount of brown sugar used
  • Burns longer and quicker
  • Great for mixing with sugar to reduce burn time
  • Lower the heating

Benefits Of Robusta Coffee Beans

In general, studies have shown drinking up to 4 cups of coffee per day has benefits. For coffee drinkers, so I decided to list a few of those benefits below

Here Are 5 Reasons Why Drinking Robusta Coffee Can Be Beneficial

  1. Increases Your Fiber Consumption, recommended dose of daily fiber is between 20–38 grams and a cup of Robusta coffee contributes to 1.8 grams.
  1. Protection Of The Liver Against Cirrhosis, both regular coffee, and decaffeinated coffee decreases the risk by lowering the levels of the liver enzyme.
  1. Reduces The Risk Of Colorectal Cancer – increase with moderate consumption of coffee by up to 26% and reduces the odds.
  1. Caffeine Allows You To Stay Alert And Focused – caffeine affects many neurons in a positive way which increases mental focus and alertness.
  1. Less Risk Of Heart Disease – people who consume three to five cups of coffee daily were less likely to show signs of early heart disease.

Quick Look At The Best Robusta Coffee Beans

  1. Death Wish Coffee Company Ground Coffee
  2. VALHALLA JAVA Bagged Coffee Grounds
  3. Banned Coffee Ground World’s Strongest Coffee
  4. Biohazard Ground Coffee
  5. Trung Nguyen – Premium Blend
  6. Shock Coffee Ground
  7. Cannonball Coffee – Maximum Charge, Strong Whole Bean Coffee
  8. Black Insomnia Ground Coffee
  9. Black Label Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee

9 Most Caffeinated Robusta Coffee Brands For You

We have selected the most caffeinated Organic Robusta Coffee Brands all around the world for you and reviewed with details. Check now.

1. Death Wish Coffee Company Ground Coffee

Death Wish Coffee Company Ground Coffee

Death Wish Coffee is marketed as the ‘strongest coffee within the world.’ employing a unique combination of beans teamed with a specially designed roasting process, the manufacturers of the death instinct

Coffee has created a punchy blend, which they strongly believe is the best coffee within the world.

Boasting a serious caffeine hit, which separates this product from the crowds during a saturated marketplace, death instinct Coffee isn’t for the faint-hearted.

2. VALHALLA JAVA Bagged Coffee Grounds

VALHALLA JAVA Bagged Coffee Grounds

The Valhalla Java Odinforce Coffee may be a sort of coffee that’s made by death instinct Coffee Company. it had been created for Zakk Wylde, one among the foremost famous rock/metal guitarists today. 

The beans originate from Indonesia, South America, and Central America and are roasted specifically to take care of and preserve the utmost caffeine content. 

The coffee is, in fact, marketed for ‘adrenalin coffee junkies’. But despite being a robust coffee, it’s a really chocolaty and nutty flavor.

A lot of individuals are impressed by this coffee’s high caffeine content. This coffee is capable of supplying you with the extra energy you would like to urge through long studying or working hours. 

Or, you’ll enjoy this coffee to revitalize yourself during normal day-to-day activities. 

The Valhalla Java Coffee is understood to perk people up without causing unwanted side effects or producing a jittery feeling like indigestion.

While this coffee will re-energize you, you’ll even be impressed by its taste.

3. Banned Coffee Ground World’s Strongest Coffee

Banned Coffee Ground World's Strongest Coffee

For reasons unclear, Banned Coffee has also entered the race for being the strongest in the world, although this is a quickly disproved claim. 

Nevertheless, it is still very strong at 474 milligrams per 12-ounce serving.

Banned Coffee seems to take a slightly contradictory approach in its communication. 

It simultaneously claims to be the most powerful coffee in the world along with producing coffee that is both strong and high-quality. 

It would make more sense if they just focused on the latter aspect.

Banned Coffee is a regular medium-dark roast coffee blend with some added Robusta for extra caffeine content. 

It would make an amusing gift for a teenager, but it’s not the most intense contender on this list.

4. Biohazard Ground Coffee

Biohazard Ground Coffee

Although it isn’t the best known of the Robusta Coffee brands on this list, Biohazard Coffee may be the most potent, based on caffeine content alone. 

Caffeine Informer recently lab-tested a sample of this coffee and found it contains 928 milligrams of caffeine in a 12-ounce mug – that’s more than double the daily limit in just one serving.

Made with Robusta beans, Biohazard Coffee claims to: “Leave you feeling invincible, obtain non-stop productivity, enjoy sleepless nights, partake in all-nighter study sessions, and become unstoppable”. 

If that sounds like it’s your kind of thing, then just go for it. But be careful.

It’s available in both pre-ground and whole bean form, with sizes ranging from 1 to 5 pounds. 

However, Biohazard isn’t as invincible in the taste department as it might be when it comes to caffeine content. 

It tastes surprisingly bland for something that is marketed so boldly.

Like most of the coffees on this list, its taste is close to a regular dark roast. 

This might be deceptive – don’t forget you’re still drinking something that could prove dangerous to your health.

5. Trung Nguyen – Premium Blend

Trung Nguyen - Premium Blend

The Premium Blend within the can may be a popular home-brew Vietnamese traditional coffee, made using Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa & Catimor beans. 

Trung Nguyen adds natural flavorings to the present blend; it’s the sole Creative Coffee that has additional ingredients aside from a little amount of butter oil traditionally utilized in the roasting process. 

It is a great coffee in perfect balance, hot or iced, and therefore the flavors added (cocoa being one) aren’t detectable as added flavors; they appear to be very subtle.

The Premium Blend has always been a trademark specialty of Trung Nguyen and it helped to form the corporate famous. 

It is a stunning coffee with a medium-coarse grind that’s intended for single-serve Phin filter or French Press. 

It’s relatively high in caffeine and features a pleasant acidity and protracted after-taste. 

Many of our customers drink the Premium Blend. you would possibly even call it a cult favorite!

6. Shock Coffee Ground

Shock Coffee Ground

Their signature line of award-winning high caffeine coffee is that the most butt-kicking, best tasting all-natural coffee on the planet! 

It’s not bitter, it’s not weak, and it won’t give you the jitters. 

That’s why we’ve been featured on the Today show, ABC Nightline, CNBC, Food Network, and more. 

People love it, and we know you will too. This 100% Robusta coffee naturally-caffeinated ground coffee comes carefully packed in a guaranteed-fresh vacuum-sealed k-cups. 

Shock Coffee is the leading producer of the world’s finest energy blend coffees, exclusively available in a high-caffeine energy blend. 

Our imitators haven’t been able to perfect their taste to caffeine ratio, so you’re left feeling jittery and unsatisfied. 

Shocked coffee is 100% naturally caffeinated, as they never added caffeine artificially. Go ahead and give it a try… you’ll love it.

Medium to Dark Roast has Smooth and Bold Flavor – No Need for Milk or Cream

All Natural. Extra Caffeine comes from Select Delicioso Beans. No artificial caffeine added.

7. Cannonball Coffee – Maximum Charge, Strong Whole Bean Coffee

Cannonball Coffee – Maximum Charge, Strong Whole Bean Coffee

This coffee is in the top 5 of gourmet coffee for sure. 

First of all, it has a fresh round taste, but also a nice roasted taste with a long sweet aftertaste. 

It is not bitter at all, despite the high caffeine content. 

I have to say this is my favorite from now, and the price is very fair.

Really recommend this one, but beware if you’re sensitive to caffeine.

The only coffee we found that actually wakes us up! 

So glad I stumbled upon this coffee, don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back to standard coffee, my eyes have been opened.

8. Black Insomnia Ground Coffee

Black Insomnia Ground Coffee

 Black Insomnia Coffee is another contender for the world’s strongest coffee. 

There have been some pretty strong rivalry between Black Insomnia and Death Wish, with the former trying to discredit the latter’s claim of being the most caffeinated coffee on the planet. 

While it’s difficult to scientifically prove which one is right, we can probably all agree that both are extremely strong.

Black Insomnia was introduced to the market in South Africa just last year but has already gained a loyal following overseas due to the brand’s strong online presence.

While its macho claims of overpowering death instinct could also be unappealing to some.

It does pack a significant caffeine punch, so it’s worth trying for people that need to remain awake.

The packaging on Black Insomnia is minimalist during a pretty terrifying way.

However, similarly to the death instinct, it doesn’t taste all that different from regular coffee.

It’s strong and gently bitter, but not overwhelmingly so. The dark roast gives it a touch of nutty sweetness not that different from a daily French roast or espresso roast.

9. Black Label Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee

Black Label Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee

Black Label Coffee is a highly-caffeinated blend of coffee beans from the Devil Mountain Coffee Company.

The instructions tell people to use 2 1/2 tablespoons of ground coffee per 6 fl oz of water so there would be 5 tablespoons in a brewed coffee made with 12 oz of water which is a standard-sized coffee mug.

This coffee is extremely high in caffeine and should only be consumed by those who have a high tolerance and low sensitivity to the caffeine molecule.

This brand is approved organic and there are other blends available at Devil Mountain that have less caffeine.


What Are the Robusta Coffee Growing Conditions?

Arabica plants are the primary type of bean to be grown in Latin America. They thrive in warm, humid climates at altitudes of 4,000-6,000 feet. 
The Robusta style beans are grown stumped level and fair better with climatic changes.
You will see more of these bean plants in Africa and Southeast Asia. 
Coffees grown in low altitudes, like Brazil, tend to supply coffee that’s nutty, sweet, chocolatey, and fewer acidic.
In contrast, higher altitude coffees have medium acidity, are full-bodied, and rich with caramel sweetness. Colombia is an example of a high-altitude coffee.

Why Is It Called Robusta Coffee?

Robusta gets its name from its hardy nature. 
It can grow in lower altitudes and diverse climates around the world making it a more resilient and ‘robust’ species of coffee. 
Robusta gets its name from its hardy nature. 
It can grow in lower altitudes and diverse climates around the world making it a more resilient and ‘robust’ species of coffee. 
Robusta coffee plants are also relatively resistant to pests, insects, and harsh weather conditions.

Where To Buy Robusta Coffee Beans?

Robusta Coffee Beans are grown in a variety of regions including the Amazon basin region, Central America, and the Caribbean. 
Robusta Coffee beans are grown in areas with low rainfall and have been cultivated for centuries by indigenous people. 
How do you know which brand of Robusta Coffee beans to buy? The answer is simple: You can buy Robusta Coffee beans online. 
The best way to find out about Robusta Coffee beans is through the internet.

What Does Robusta Coffee Taste Like?


Robusta features a stronger, harsher taste, with a grain-like overtone and peanutty aftertaste. 
They contain twice the maximum amount of caffeine as Arabica beans, and that they are generally considered to be of inferior quality compared to Arabica. 
Some robustas, however, are of top quality and valued especially in espressos for his or her deep flavor and good crema.

How much more caffeine is in robusta?

Robusta coffee beans have on average 83% more caffeine than arabica beans, so making coffee with these beans will produce a cup of coffee with 83% more caffeine.
Robusta coffee beans have on average 83% more caffeine than arabica beans, so making coffee with these beans will produce a cup of coffee with 83% more caffeine.
Robusta bean has 2.2% caffeine, while an arabica bean has 1.2% caffeine.

Is This Type of Coffee Really Deadly?

It’s well-known that caffeine can, in extreme cases, be deadly. 
About 10 grams of the things will kill most of the people, making caffeine powder an easily accessible (albeit incredibly uncommon and certain painful) choice for suicide. 
But a typical cup of coffee has but 100 milligrams—or just 0.1 grams—of caffeine. 
In other words, you’d got to drink 100 cups of coffee in rapid succession to hit the deadly dose.

Robusta Coffee Bean Producing Countries?

Below is the list of Rank- Wise Countries that produces Robusta Coffee Beans the most.

Map of Coffee Production
r- Robusta, m- Mixed, a- Arabica
Rank-Wise CountryRobusta Production (1000 – 60 KG BAGS) 
Côte D’Ivoire1,800
Tanzania 650
Lao People’s Democratic Republic450
Congo 175
Sierra Leone65
Papua New Guinea50
Year of Estimate: 2021

Is Starbucks Coffee Arabica or Robusta?

Starbucks uses 100% Arabica beans to form their coffee while mass-market coffee is formed mostly from Robusta beans.

What Are The Differences: Robusta Coffee Vs Arabica Coffee?

The primary difference between the two is the caffeine content, taste, and associated cost.

And to make it easier for you, here are 7 key differences between Arabica and Robusta:

Taste – Robusta beans usually have a more bitter and earthy taste, while Arabica beans are sweeter and smoother.

Arabica vs Robusta
Arabica Vs Robusta

Price – Robusta coffee is cheaper than Arabica Coffee mainly because it’s easier to grow and it’s not so sought after.

Caffeine – Robusta beans have twice as much caffeine compared to Arabica i.e. 2.7% caffeine content per bean vs 1.5% for Arabica.

Maturation – Robusta beans mature much quicker as they produce fruit within 2 years, while Arabica takes twice as long to produce fruit – 4 years.

Sugar – Arabica is sweeter because it contains two mines more sugar than Robusta.


Coming to the final thoughts, we have discussed about the most caffeinated Robusta Coffee Brands around the world.

I hope you have found some interesting coffee brands to taste it once in your life. You might have selected the one brand from our review.

Why you are waiting?

Just check the price and order now. You will get it delivered to your doorstep very soon.

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