ReignLeaf Drying Mat For Pour Over Coffee Maker, Chemex And Any Other Pour Over Glass Coffee Makers And Carafes – Drying Mat Allows A Pour Over Coffee Maker To Drip Dry When Upside Down

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Not dishwasher safe. Do not put it in the microwave. Do not use it as a trivet for pots and pans except to rest a glass pour over coffee maker on it or to rest your hot water kettle. The use of this ReignLeaf™ drying mat is to let any glass pour over coffee maker like the Chemex to stand upside down to drip dry. Not intended for any other use except for what is described here. The material used to build this drying mat is eco-friendly PVC. Warning Choking hazard: product is wrapped/packaged in plastic to protect it from scratches and stains during transportation (to be removed).
REIGNLEAF DRYING MAT FOR POUR OVER COFFEEMAKERS was specifically built to allow any pour over glass/metal coffeemaker including Chemex to drip dry once upside down. After you rinse your coffee maker, simply place it upside down on the ReignLeaf mat to drip dry. The honeycomb design and texture are very effective at containing water while allowing air to flow into the glass coffee maker/carafe. IN ADDITION: you can rest your hot-water kettle on it while waiting for your coffee to brew 🙂
REIGNLEAF BELIEVES that to make coffee is like a ritual, a simple and elegant ceremony. This ReignLeaf white drying mat is the perfect complement to your precious glass pour over coffee maker. It gives your coffee maker a place to rest and drip dry while protecting it from damage. It matches any type of kitchen counter, made for the Chemex glass pour over coffee maker or any other pour over coffee maker. It serves its simple purposes and adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen counter.
THE SOFT MATERIAL will be the perfect resting surface preventing your pour over glass coffee maker rim to chip or break (especially when using any glass coffee maker like the Chemex one). It can also serve as a heat-resistant serving pad (only for your pour over coffeemaker or hot water Kettle to sit on).
REIGNLEAF DRYING MAT is made of a high-quality, commercial grade, and eco-friendly pvc material, surpassing the quality that is used in bars and restaurants; it can safely withstand up to 374 fahrenheit degrees for several hours and is a half inch thick. esign is very effective at containing water while still allowing air flow. Not dishwasher safe. Not microwavable.
IT INCLUDES one white-colored ReignLeaf drip drying mat – 8 X 8 inches and almost a half inch thick (0.40 of an inch). Fits all Chemex coffeemakers sizes: 3, 6, 8, and 10 cups; – Chemex pour over coffee makers or glass coffee makers, filters or anything else displayed NOT included. Complement your coffee-making ritual with this ReignLeaf mat which can also serve as a trivet for your coffeemaker & Kettle while making coffee keeping your counter clean and organized and without taking up room.

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