Premium Stand Drip Pour Over Coffee Maker, Traditional Wooden Chorreador Handmade in Costa Rica, 1 Reusable Cloth Filter (Colador,Bolsita) Included

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Product Description

Hand Made in beautiful Costa Rica especially for you

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The traditional way to brew coffee in Costa Rica is by using a “Chorreador”.The name comes from the Spanish verb “chorrear” which means “to drip” it consists of a wooden stand with a hole at the top that holds a cloth bag (bolsita) used as a reusable filter.  
One of the most treasured traditions we have in Costa Rica is to drink a driped cup of coffee—un café chorreado. Brewing coffee in a chorreador is more than just brewing coffee—it’s a simple, honest way to make someone feel welcome. Share this tradition with your loved ones. The tradition of “making people feel welcome.”

Beautiful and easy to use:

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To prepare a cup in a traditional Costa Rican coffee maker just follow these simple steps:

Place ground coffee inside the reusable filter.  Mount the filter on the wooden stand. Place a mug or pitcher under the filter. Slowly pour hot water into the reusable filter.  And voila the dripping coffee will fall into your mug or pitcher! *It’s perfectly normal for the cloth filter to turn brown, but this will not affect or change the taste of the coffee actually “La Bolsita” is “cured” with prolonged use, which makes the coffee taste better every day! A filter can be used for as long as 3 months, just rinse it in warm water after each use without any kind of soap.


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We are a woodcraft design studio located in Costa Rica, producing and selling functional yet beautifully crafted wooden kitchenware, housewares, and other crafts. We support the history behind this old trade by partnering with a community of local artisans who thoughtfully construct all our products by hand with responsibly harvested wood. And because reforestation is the core of our business, a portion of our profits goes toward planting new trees.

*All of our products are handcrafted original designs, making each piece unique. Due to this uniqueness,  there may be slight variations in wood grain and in the exact cut and shape from piece to piece.



Beautiful and easy to use: A product so simple, beautiful, and easy to use had to last for generations, just boil water, place ground coffee inside the reusable filter, mount the filter on the wooden stand, place a mug or pitcher under the filter, pour hot water into the reusable filter and voila the dripping coffee will fall into your mug or pitcher.
A perfect gift: Costa Rica is well known for its coffee but not many people know the traditional way of brewing it, share the great experience of brewing a coffee the Tico way with your family and friends. Surprise them with a unique gift!!
Take it with you anywhere: Adds beauty to any kitchen and is also great to pack up and take it with you anywhere, camping trips, the beach, and picnics in the park, it doesn’t need electricity and it’s easy to assemble, enjoy a great coffee the Costa Rican way wherever you are.
Eco friendly: This brewing method reduces waste, its cloth filter can be used many times, it doesn’t need electricity, and all its pieces are biodegradable.
Handmade: All of our products are unique designs handcrafted in Costa Rica by a local artisan this way we help others. We invest part of our profits in planting endangered tree species.

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