Premium 54mm Naked Bottomless Portafilter, Compatible with Breville Barista Express, BES870XL, BES870BSXL, BES878BSS, BES880BSS, BES840XL and More Breville Espresso Machine, Filter Basket Included

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What is a bottomless portafilter and what is it used for?

Bottomless portafilters are used as a training tool. It will provide you with immediate feedback and can see if channeling occurs right away. Channeling is the rapid passage of water through fractures in the coffee puck, which produces a thinner, under-extracted espresso. When it occurs, you’ll often see sudden appearances of blond streaks in the stream of espresso; sometimes the puck will even have pencil lead-sized holes where channeling occurred.

With this 54mm naked portafilter, you’ll be able to see the extraction in real time to understand if you’re grinding and tamping correctly. If you want to improve your barista skills by using a visual aid to identify what you’re doing wrong, this is the perfect tool.


54mm Coffee Bottomless Portafilter

Compatible with Breville BES870/878/880, Barista Express, Barista Pro, Barista Touch, Infuser, Duo-Temp Pro Coffee Machine

Item Type: 54 mm Bottomless Portafilter with Wooden Handle

Material: Stainless Steel and Natural Sandalwood

Size: Approx.8.5*2.7*1.4in

Weight: 0.7lb

Package Include:

1 pcs x Coffee Bottomless Portafilter

1 pcs x Filter Basket


* DOES NOT WORK with 58MM Breville Dual Boiler, Oracle or Oracle Touch.

* All natural wood products the color and grain varies on each individual item. Please allow 0-2 cm error due to manual measurement. Thanks for your understanding.

☕【High Quality】- This Bottomless Portafilter is made of food-grade stainless steel, more hygienic and safer; has the characteristics of oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, rust resistance and durability.Portafilter handle is made of 100% natural sandalwood, solid surface and ergonomic design to ensure perfect grip and easy manual control; Portafilter head is cast in food grade stainless steel and high polished by manual, precise size ensures portafilter engaged in the group firmly.
☕【Easy to Clean】- Ergonomic Design solid wooden handle for a comfortable grip, The detachable design is convenient and quick to disassemble, easy to use, and easy to clean without dead corners.Do not wash the bottomless portafilter in the dishwasher,Because high temperature will discolor the wood.
☕【Perfect extraction】- This bottomless portafilter for Delonghi Espresso can enhance the cleanliness of the coffee. The coffee liquid extracted by the bottomless handle has more fat and better quality, so you can enjoy the shiny golden brown coffee column that is immersed in the espresso In the beauty
☕【Coffee master’s training partnert】- Use a 54mm bottomless portafilter to really see what’s happening under the hood, you can identify and correct extraction problems, whether your grind is wrong or you are tamping incorrectly the bottomless portafilter will let you know. A great tool for beginners and experts. You can clearly see how the shiny golden espresso flows when everything goes perfect, It help you to extract professional espresso.
☕【Multi-series compatible use】- This bottomless portafilter compatible with the Breville machine / Sage Barista Series BES870/875/840/810/878/880/500, Barista Express, Barista Pro, Barista Touch, Infuser, Duo-Temp Pro.

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