Pour Over Kettle Gooseneck kettle with Unique Water Retaining Piece Teflon Process 304 Stainless Steel Teapot 21oz for Pour-Over Coffee Tea

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Price: $16.99
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In addition to its beautiful shape and function, the most difficult thing about this coffee kettle is the approachable price. For beginners who just feel the charm of pour-over coffee, the gooseneck kettle is definitely a powerful helper.
👍👍The well-designed spout can avoid unnecessary irritation to the coffee grounds during the process of slowly injecting hot water, and can also completely complete the step of steaming coffee grounds.
👍👍Vacuum stainless steel handle-more comfortable grip.
👍👍Stable water filtration structure: Built-in baffle, so that the water is not easily affected by the liquid flow in the pot, and the water is more stable.
👍👍Reserve a thermometer socket, you can choose to insert the thermometer obliquely into the kettle body and observe the changes of water temperature when brewing.
👍👍Made of Teflon high-temperature baking varnish,it has 4 notable features:
Non-stickiness:Almost all substances do not adhere to it.
Heat resistance: Teflon has excellent heat resistance and low temperature resistance. Can withstand high temperature to 300℃ in a short time.
Moisture resistance: The surface of the Teflon film is free of water and oil, and can be removed by simply wiping.
Wear resistance.
Corrosion resistance: Teflon is hardly corroded by articles, and can protect parts from any kind of chemical corrosion.

– Material :Teflon / 304 Stainless Steel
– Capacity: 600ml / 1-4 Cups
– weight:433g.
FINE GOOSENECK SPOUT PERFECT FOR BEGINNER :This gooseneck kettle is impressed by the slender water outlet like a swan neck. Its spout has a lip-turning design which is not only easy to drip water, but also allows the water to flow out 90 degrees with the coffee grounds.
UNIQUE WATER RETAINING PIECE DESIGN:The water retaining piece can effectively reduce the pressure from the neck of the kettle to the spout, avoid the occurrence of bursting when the water is injected, it also can well control the sway of the liquid in the kettle, and the water output is more stable, and there is no sudden water flow. Detailed and stable water performance.
HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL – TEFLON: The outer layer of the coffee kettle is made of Teflon high-temperature baking varnish. It has the characteristics of non-stickiness/heat resistance/moisture resistance/wear resistance/corrosion resistance, etc. It has comprehensive advantages that other coatings cannot compete, and it is not easy to compare with ordinary stainless steel. Rust, longer life.
THICKENED STAINLESS STEEL BODY: 1mm thick stainless steel body makes the whole kettle more textured. The lid is reserved for heat dissipation holes, which can be inserted into the thermometer (the thermometer needs to be purchased separately).
NOTICE:It is a mini drip kettle to transfer boiled hot water from pots and kettles to make a pour-over.so please don’t expose to open flames.

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