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9 Best Pour Over Coffee Maker to Buy in 2020

Are you fed-up with time-consuming brewing styles? Are you looking for the best Coffee Maker to easily make a fresh and flavorful cup of coffee and save your time?  

Then you are at the right place to get something amazing for your next coffee. We have discovered the best Pour Over Coffee Maker to save your time and get you a fresh cup of coffee anytime and everywhere. 

We have few recommendations for the Best Pour Over Coffee Maker for you. 

Our Recommendations 

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Pour Over Coffee Maker

These are some Pour Over which we have chosen for you as the best coffee maker with the best features from all around the world. 

1. Hario Ceramic Coffee Dripper, Size 02, White

2. Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker with Permanent Filter, Glass, 34 Ounce, 1 Liter, Cork Band

3. Melitta 52 oz. Pour Over Coffee Brewer with Glass Carafe, Black

4.Amado Pour Over Coffee Maker Stainless Steel Pour Over Coffee Filter Reusable Paperless Coffee Filter

5.Asobu Copper Insulated Pour Over Coffee Maker (32 oz.) 

6.CHEMEX Classic Series, Pour Over Glass Coffeemaker

7.Hario V60 Metal Coffee Dripper, Size 2, Copper

8.Cafflano Klassic- Portable All-in-One Pour Over Coffee Maker Black

9. Technivorm 59163 KBG Coffee Brewer, 40 oz, Brushed Brass

Does Pour Over Coffee Taste Better?

Yes, of course, Pour Over coffee tastes better. Pour Over brewing is a highly practical style of brewing you just need the ground coffee and hot water to brew a pour over coffee. You don’t need anything to plug-in first then brew it. It doesn’t need any electricity. It is done by your own hands. 

You have the full control to brew it in your way. You can make your coffee strong, light, or medium very easily. Pour Over gives you a better extraction method to give better-flavored coffee. The cost of brewing a cup is likely very low as compared to other brewing styles. 

This style of brewing is eco- friendly as the required equipment for brewing it is reusable and durable.  

As we are using reusable equipment and we have full control while brewing our coffee. We can conclude that it gives a better taste of the coffee. 

Now, let’s talk about How we can select the best suitable Pour Over Coffee Maker for our home.

How to Select the Best Pour Over Coffee Maker?

There are a few things that we have to take into consideration while selecting our Pour Over Coffee Maker. The below-mentioned factor will make everything easy for your selection. 


The first and most important factor is the price of the coffee maker. The budget you have decided will make it easier to select your Pour Over. Your high budget will get you a high-end coffee maker whereas, a low budget will get you a limited featured coffee maker. 

As you have decided on your budget you are now looking for a specific coffee maker that comes under your price range. Now the next factor is Brand. 


There are a lot of brands that you can trust for your coffee maker. Some of them have been making our coffee experience better for the last few decades. 

They might have changed our mindsets of coffee brewing. They are upgrading their products day by day and enhancing every single cup of coffee. 

They are making us more comfortable with their innovative ideas and technology. So, the Brand is one of the major factors through which we can select a reliable coffee maker. 


We should check how the pour over coffee maker functions. We have to select the one which is user friendly and time-saving. 

It should not be difficult for us to operate a coffee maker, otherwise, we will get in trouble and it will hamper our coffee experience. 


We should check the reviews of other customers of Pour Over Coffee Makers to make a clear vision to choose it or not. 

While checking the reviews you will find some good reviews and some bad. If you like the ratings and review and you are comfortable with reviews then it will make you more confident before buying a Pour Over for you. 

Pros and Cons

You should check the pros and cons of a Pour Over Coffee Maker. This gives you a short and simple way to make sure about its advantages and disadvantages. This will help you to decide its features and lackings.


Service is the next factor which matters a lot while you are buying a coffee maker. Buying a coffee maker is just a one-time process but the service of a coffee maker is a regular process to keep it well maintained.

The service centers should be available nearby you or in your city, this will help us to reach their service stations easily. 

 So, You should check about the services given by the brand for your Pour Over Coffee Maker. 


Most of the trustworthy brands provide a warranty of either for six months or maybe for one year according to the best possible standards on their coffee makers. 

This will help us to make stress free for at least for the given duration of the warranty. We can easily enjoy our coffee, without having any stress on our mind for its services. 

So, now we have understood how to choose the best Pour Over Coffee Maker for you, What factors should be considered while buying?

I hope you will feel more confident now while buying a new Pour Over for you. 

We will now discuss the Best Pour Over Coffee Makers available. 

Best Pour Over Coffee Makers – Reviews

1. Hario Ceramic Coffee Dripper, Size 02, White

Hario Ceramic Coffee Dripper is designed for manual coffee making. It is a pour over style coffee brewer. It brews one to three cups at a time.

 It works well with V60 size 02 paper or cloth filters. We use our hands to brew pour over coffee, so we have control over brewing time and temperature. 

Ceramic bodies help us to prevent heat loss during the brewing process and it is durable too. 


  • The sturdy, artistic body holds warmth to help guarantee a consistent temperature all through the fermentation cycle. 
  • Cone shape assists with bettering emphasize espressos botanical or natural product flavor notes. 
  • Winding ribs take into account the most extreme espresso extension. 
  • The enormous single opening can change espresso’s taste as per the speed of the water stream. 
  • Planned and made in Japan

Ratings –  4.7/5

The Good ThingsThe Not So Good Things 
Low PriceThe slope learning curve for beginners
Variant material optionRequires time and attention
Easy to CleanNot great for groups



2. Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker with Permanent Filter, Glass, 34 Ounce, 1 Liter, Cork Band

The pour over guarantees amazing, rich taste and powerful fragrance while keeping up the common oils of the ground Coffee. 

For the ideal mug of Coffee, just fill the cone-formed channel with newly ground Coffee and pour a limited quantity of warmed water over them until drenched. 

Gradually empty the high temp water into the channel. Espresso will dribble into the mouth-blown, borosilicate glass carafe and, in 3-4 minutes, will be prepared to serve. 

Expel the channel from the carafe before serving and appreciate it!. Material-s/s, plastic,silicone


  • Pour Over Coffee: manual pour over Coffee producer permits you to mix a phenomenal mug of Coffee in minutes 
  • Treated steel: incorporates a Permanent, hardened steel work channel that helps separate your espresso’s sweet-smelling oils and unpretentious flavors as opposed to being consumed by a paper channel 
  • Espresso carafe: made of tough, heat-safe borosilicate glass with Cork Band itemizing that is both useful and exquisite 
  • Speedy and simple: essentially add coarse ground Coffee to channel, pour a modest quantity of water in a round movement over ground Coffee until drenched at that point include the rest of the water and let trickle 
  • Servings: pour over Coffee creator makes 8 cups of coffee, 4 oz every; dishwasher safe

Ratings – 4.5/5

The Good ThingsThe Not So Good Things 
Great buy for an affordable priceRubber and Plastic parts are not durable
Eco-friendly filter for permanent useThe filter passes some sediments of coffee



3. Melitta 52 oz. Pour Over Coffee Brewer with Glass Carafe, Black

Melitta Bentz, the founder of Melitta invented coffee filters and pour over brewing in 1908. Since, last 100 years Melitta has maintained its leadership in coffee, coffee filters, and coffee brewers. 

The filter papers of Melitta are 100% biodegradable. They make filters for cones, percolators, flat bottom baskets, and Keurig single-serve coffee makers. 

The filter papers are made up of chlorine-free white, natural brown, and bamboo paper. Including the filters, Melitta makes a wide range of coffees and brewers like pour over, carafes, pour over kits, coffee makers, kettles, drip coffee makers, and their own premium batch roasted coffee beans. 

The coffee beans are sourced from the prime coffee-producing region farms. The coffee beans are batched, roasted, and ground with extra fine style in European Fashion to get the full flavors of coffee. You can thus enjoy the entire range of whole coffee beans, ground coffee, and single-serve coffee pods. 


  • Immediate and User-Friendly handcrafted brewing
  • Smart and Favorable Design
  • Best way to Brew- Just by using a filter paper you can brew your coffee 
  • Pour your own coffee – You can use it right at your home. 
  • Wide range Products

Ratings – 4.5/5

The Good ThingsThe Not So Good Things 
Affordable Thermal coffee makerNot Easy to Clean
No electricity required Lid sealing not proper
Plastic Filter


4. Amado Pour Over Coffee Maker Stainless Steel Pour Over Coffee Filter Reusable Paperless Coffee Filter

Amado pour over coffee maker is made up of stainless steel. It makes your coffee very easy and quick. You do not have to wait for first cleaning the pour over then start brewing your coffee. 

It’s very convenient to brew with this pour over. Stainless steel material makes this pour over durable and rust-free. This pour over is a 100% paperless coffee filter. 

You can go home and make a fresh and delicious cup of coffee with this pour over and release your stress within a few minutes. 


  • User friendly and Quick 
  • Multiple uses – You can filter coffee and tea both. 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Reusable 
  • 100% Paperless filter
  • 6 months Warranty

Ratings – 5/5 

The Good ThingsThe Not So Good Things 
Durable Not revealed yet
Easy to Clean
Convenient and Quick brewer
100% Paperless Filter


5. Asobu Copper Insulated Pour Over Coffee Maker (32 oz.) 

Are Paper filters and complicated processes letting you stop to enjoy your pour over coffee?

Then The Asobu Copper Insulated Pour Over Coffee Maker is the best Coffee maker for you. 

This Pour Over PO300 is changing the way we enjoy our coffee at home. On the Go, Coffee comes in many shapes, Flavors, and forms. 

A true Coffee Connoisseur knows that making his own freshly brewed coffee without the paper filters and complicated processes are the only way to really enjoy your coffee. 

Asobu PO300 is a modern, advanced, and innovative Pour Over designed with a double-wall, stainless steel Carafe with a liftable Collar, Stainless Steel Micro Mesh Filter, Easy Grip Heat resistant, Insulated temperature. 

You can keep your coffee hot and fresh up to 12 Hours and Capacity is 32Oz. 


  • Hot and Fresh Coffee Upto 12 Hours
  • Stainless Steel Micro Mesh Filter
  • Premium Pour Over 
  • Eco Friendly, Reusable, BPA Free
  • Advanced Temperature Retention

Ratings – 4.3/5

The Good ThingsThe Not So Good Things 
Durable Coffee does not stay that hot till 12th Hour
Easy to Clean
Thermal Carafe
Value For Money



6. CHEMEX Classic Series, Pour Over Glass Coffeemaker

Chemex Pour Over has an iconic hourglass shape, which looks so beautiful that it can be found in some of the important museums around the world. CHEMEX has been brewing our perfect filter coffee for the last few generations. 

It has a design that saves time and makes the process easy for us and has never been changed. This pour over is a perfect blend of science and art, user friendly, and gives the perfect cup of coffee. It accepts no clones.

It is made up of non-porous, borosilicate tempered glass – like a Labware. Therefore it is totally real. It doesn’t pass on any flavors of its own and is also resistant to thermal shock. It is used to brew both hot and cold beverages; it maybe tea and coffee. 

It includes a polished wood collar with a leather tie. Its capacity is 50Oz.


  • Highest quality, Non-Porous Borosilicate Glass Material.
  • Simple, User Friendly with Time saving and decent Design.
  • Easily covered and refrigeration design to reheat your coffee.

Ratings – 4.7/5

The Good ThingsThe Not So Good Things 
Time SaverFragile 
Classic designCan’t keep Coffee hot. 
Different sizes available – 3-10 cups
Releases no flavors of the material



7. Hario V60 Metal Coffee Dripper, Size 2, Copper

This Pour over coffee maker, Hario V60 has control over its flow, temperature, and timing of the water. 

You can taste the full-flavored professional taste at your home. It Is beautifully crafted for an expert cup of coffee. 

This brand is well known for coffee geeks worldwide. 


  • Made with Borosilicate Glass
  • Heat resistant
  • Hario in Japanese means “King of Glass”
  • User Friendly and Easy to Clean
  • Made for experts.

Ratings – 4.7/5

The Good ThingsThe Not So Good Things 
Open Source Coffee BrewerSlope learning curve
Wide range of ProductsIt requires more attention while brewing.
Improved Airflow design
Easy to use and clean


8. Cafflano Klassic- Portable All-in-One Pour Over Coffee Maker Black

This Pour Over Coffee Maker, Cafflano Klassic is made with stainless steel and a Black Silicon top layer. 

This coffee maker has an all in one integrated design as it makes us convenient with its lightweight and is easily portable feature. You can make a fresh cup of coffee wherever you go with this handheld coffee maker. 

This is a perfect and extremely user-friendly pour over coffee maker for Travelling, tailgating, camping, outdoors, on the go, and at the office. Just You have to put the coffee beans in it, Grind it and let it filter. 

You can make both hot coffee as well as a cold brew with this easy to squeeze press. This pour over coffee maker can be cleaned very easily. 


  • All in One Coffee Maker 
  • Lightweight and Compact Design
  • Perfect Quality Always Everywhere
  • Full Flavored Taste
  • Award-Winning Design

Ratings – 4.4/5

The Good ThingsThe Not So Good Things 
Smart and Portable DesignNot Independent, water heater needed
Keeps your coffee hot Need to measure water before brewing
High-quality Burr Grinder
High-Quality Metal Filter
Easy to use and clean



9. Technivorm 59163 KBG Coffee Brewer, 40 oz, Brushed Brass

This pour over coffee maker, Technivorm KGB 59163 has a Carafe made up of glass and an automatic drip-stop brewer basket that automatically stops the flow of coffee if the carafe is removed from the coffee maker. 

This technivorm KGB 59163 can brew a 40 Oz of coffee pot within just six minutes. Coffee is then transferred to the unique hot – plate, which is designed and engineered likely to roll heat into the coffee to ensure the same taste of the first cup to the last drop of the coffee. 

You have two choices in hot-plate settings to hold your coffee between 175 degrees to 185 degrees Fahrenheit, this will never burn your coffee. After 100 minutes, the hot plate will turn off automatically. 

These coffee brewers are  handmade in the Netherlands. 


Top Coffee Maker Choice of experts

User Friendly

Just Six minutes for brewing 40 Oz of coffee.

Copper elements deliver perfect coffee. 

Auto Shut off after 100 minutes 

Backed by a 5-year manufacturer.

Ratings – 4.5/5

The Good ThingsThe Not So Good Things 
No burning of coffeeThe water capacity could be better 
Color variants availableNeed to measure water before brewing
Value for MoneyBrew basket is manually removed 
High-Quality Coffee taste
Brews in 4- 6 Minutes.



Finally, we are now to summarize our conversations. We have discussed Pour Over Coffee Makers and How to select the best suitable Pour Over for you? We have showcased the best Pour Over for you. You can now easily choose according to your understanding and the knowledge you might have learned from our blog. 

If you are still confused, I will recommend you to buy the Technivorm 59163 KBG Coffee Brewer, 40 oz, Brushed Brass. This is one of the best I will select for my kitchen. 

I hope I have helped you to select the best Pour Over Coffee Maker For you. If you have any queries or comments for this blog post. Kindly write us below on the comment box. 

Thank You Coffee Lovers !!

Photo Credit : Photo by Karl Fredrickson on Unsplash

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