Pour Over Coffee Maker with Double-layer Stainless Steel Filter, 28 Ounce, 6 Cup

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Product Description





Stay Warm

In order to keep your coffee warm, you may place the product directly on either a glass stovetop or gas flame both at low heat. Be sure that there is a small amount of liquid in the carafe before placing it on a warm heating element.

Dishwasher Safe

The decanter and filter are dishwasher safe.

A Perfect Pairing

Our Gooseneck Water Kettle achieves the perfect brewing temperature with functional elegance. Can be perfectly combined with our Pour Over Coffee Maker.

How to use?




Step 1

Place the filter into the mouth of the glass decanter.

Step 2

Add medium-coarse ground coffee to the filter. The ratio of coffee grounds to hot water is 1 level measuring scoop (~7 g) of coffee to 4 fl’oz water. We recommend using freshly ground coffee. Adjust the amount of coffee or water according to taste. Shake gently to level the grounds.

Step 3

Pour water over coffee grounds using a spiral motion, starting on the inside of the filter. Pour just enough water to saturate the grounds.




Step 4

Wait 30- 45 seconds.

Step 5

Pour water over coffee grounds again, starting on the outer rim of the filter, using a slow spiral motion. If water reaches the top of the filter, stop and let it settle to the halfway point, then begin pouring again until you have the desired amount of coffee.

Step 6

When finished, remove the filter and discard the used coffee grounds.


Heat-resistant Glass: The borosilicate glass decanter is made of the highest quality, non-porous Borosilicate glass which will not absorb odors or chemical residues, and the decanter is thermal resistant enough to be heated on the stove on a low flame.
Double-layer Filter: Dual layers of 304 stainless steel allow fine oils from coffee powder to infuse themselves into your coffee, creating a richer, fuller flavor and no coffee ground deposits.
Anti-scalding wooden sleeve: The wooden sleeve offers improved heat insulation compared to cork and plastic alternatives.
Easy Cleanup: The decanter and filter are dishwasher safe, while the wooden sleeve and sleeve tie can be cleaned with a few swipes of a cloth.
Personalize Brew: You have full control of the coffee-making process. Change up the water temperature, water flow, and coffee ground concentration to make your coffee customized to you.

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