Pour Over Coffee Maker with 2 x 11 Ounce Bags Teeccino Chicory Coffee Alternative – Hazelnut and Vanilla Nut – Prebiotic, Caffeine Free, Acid Free, Stainless Steel Gold Coffee Dripper

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Make coffee like a barista with the Teeccino Pour Over Coffee Cone Filter. If you’re competing for brew time with a coffee addict, this Pour-Over Coffee Maker is the perfect solution. It’s a super easy-to-use drip cone filter that doesn’t require a messy paper coffee filter. With its attractive bright gold finish engraved with “Teeccino” on the rim, everyone will know that it’s reserved for herbal coffee! Just boil water and you will produce a cup of Teeccino in a jiffy. The wide base fits big mugs or smaller cups as well as travel mugs and thermoses.

To kick off your brewing, enjoy Teeccino’s popular Hazelnut and Vanilla Nut flavors that brew 31 cups each for 62 cups total. Each cup is brimming with maximum wellbeing from naturally caffeine-free herbs like roasted chicory, carob, barley, dates, almonds and figs. Savor the creaminess of vanilla or the nuttiness of hazelnuts for a robust brew with bold flavor that satisfies any coffee cravings. Drink Teeccino anytime of the day or night including after dinner for a delicious dessert beverage.
STAINLESS STEEL GOLD POUR OVER COFFEE MAKER: Titanium coated for a gorgeous gold finish. Save trees with this filterless coffee cone! Micro mesh filter avoids using messy paper filters and protects forests. Favorite Barista method for brewing a fresh cup of coffee every time!
#1 BRAND OF HEALTHY COFFEE ALTERNATIVES: There’s no coffee in herbal coffee just like there’s no milk in soy milk. Better than decaf, its nocaf! Two 11-ounce bags of Teeccino (Hazelnut and Vanilla) Herbal Coffee Substitute will brew 62 delicious, healthy cups of Teeccino.
BETTER THAN LOW ACID COFFEE: Teeccino is naturally acid free it won’t disturb your digestion. Replace highly acidic decaf coffee – which still has caffeine – with a healthy coffee alternative with no artificial flavors, chemicals, MSG, or preservatives. Non-GMO, organic herbs
PREBIOTICS SUPPORT GUT HEALTH: Inulin from chicory root is a prebiotic soluble fiber that nourishes probiotics and helps restore gut health & regularity. Support your microbiome with 650mg of inulin per serving that naturally extracts from chicory during brewing
ENERGY BOOST THAT’S CAFFEINE FREE: From nutrients, not stimulants. The rich taste of coffee with the health benefits of herbal tea, delicious anytime of the day or night. Perfect choice at bedtime because Teeccino won’t interfere with sleep.

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