Pour Over Coffee Maker Set with Reusable Stainless Steel Drip Filter Elegant Coffee Dripper Pot Glass Carafe & Permanent Stainless Steel Filter

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Product Description

800ml Clear Glass Range Coffee Server800ml Clear Glass Range Coffee Server

Brewing like a proffessional barista made easy – Pour over coffee brewing is the best and easiest way to achieve the highest quality of home brewed coffee. Skip the wasteful paper filter replacing with the Boxtree exclusive permanent stainless steel fine mesh filter. Extract the maximum flavor of your beans with the well-engineered slow hand drip design.




The last carafe you’ll ever need

We’re confident that you’ll love our Boxtree Coffee Maker with Handle 13.5 oz. It will certainly more than suffice for a lifetime with its scratch- and shatterproof borosilicate glass pot and handle plus a permanent stainless metal dripper.

When form meets function

Our Boxtree Coffee Maker Pour Over Carafe combines exquisite façade to harmonize with any kitchen motif, and great practicality to serve its purpose.

It not only uses high durability materials and durable, but also It has an easy-grip handle that makes its use truly hassle-free. In addition, this offer by Boxtree is safe for dishwasher machines.

Coffee as clean as your conscience

That’s why our filters are a dual layer of micro-mesh, laser cut steel. It’s surgical-grade. It withstands extreme temperatures. It won’t rust. It will give you endless years of impeccable coffee without harming a single tree.

Now the taste of your coffee can be as clean as your conscience.

Four Easy Steps To Artisan Hand-Crafted Coffee





Step 1

Add medium-fine to medium-ground coffee.

Step 2

Heat water to 200F – 210F, wet grounds for 30 seconds and allow “blooming.” Continue wetting grounds for 3 minutes to extract coffee.

Step 3

Allow coffee to drip into the carafe.

Step 4

Dilute with milk or cream. Chill by adding ice, if desired. Serve and enjoy.

【HIGH-QUALITY COFFEE FILTER】It is s made of high quality 18/8 (304) stainless steel, paperless and Reusable, fine mesh for better brewing. The filter cup is designed in double layer mesh, which filter out most of the coffee residue while allowing all the coffee nutrients and flavored oils pass through for a better tasting cup of coffee. Keep the coffee nutritious and fragrant perfect.
【HONEYCOMB DESIGN】This pour over coffee dripper is designed in fashional honeycomb pattern. It has a smooth inner layer and the honeycomb perforations on the outer layer. Compared to other pour-over coffee filters, this stands out for its built-in fine metal filter. The outer filter cup is made out of twill weave method, which completely filters out even the finest grinds without any clogging.
【NON-SLIP SEPARATE STAND】The separate stand is made of stainless steel, and perfectly fits most cups, mugs or carafes. The roll edges at the base prevents the coffee filter from slipping from the cups for more safety.
【SAFETY DESIGN】 The handle come with the orange removeable rubber handle to prevent burns or heat exposure when pouring with hot water.
【EASY TO CLEAN】 Stainless steel material keeps it easy to care for and clean. This is a dishwasher safe Unit and comes with a brush for your convenience. Our pour over coffee maker could brew 1-4 cups each time.

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