Pour Over Coffee Maker Set, Premium Black Ceramic V60 Dripper & Decanter, 1-2 Cup Home Filter Coffee Maker (Black)

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Price: $34.99
(as of Sep 11,2021 22:05:07 UTC – Details)


Why Risk Breaking?
Ceramic is substantially more durable than other thin walled glass drippers & carafe sets available. Unlike glass products which once cracked are completely compromised, the durability of this coated ceramic will be in your home for years.

Beautiful Design
The shiny gloss cone and subtly ribbed pitcher combine for a minimalist design that makes slow drip coffee the perfect addition to your kitchen and your morning routine. Not only will you be able to be the maker of the best quality coffee, you’ll look good while doing it.

Don’t Waste Money On A Bulky Machine!
All the best barista champions in the world swear by the quality of filter coffee that can be achieved using a V60. The value for money does not even compare when it comes to cleaning time and ease of use with this coffee maker set.

Fantastic Thermal Properties
Ceramic products are known for their amazing temperature retention. This ceramic V60 maker will not draw extra heat out of your water while brewing your coffee ensuring your coffee is still piping hot when it funnels into the pitcher below. Just make sure you pre-heat the vessel with some hot water before use and you’re good to go!

EXPERTLY DESIGNED – Purposefully crafted in a ‘v’ shape on a 60 degree angle to give the optimum water flow through your coffee for maximum flavor and minimal sediment in the cup. This handmade ceramic will look beautiful in any home!
CAFE QUALITY FLAVOR – Proven time again for producing high quality coffee in a matter of minutes. All you need is some fresh ground coffee and a Size 01 filter paper and you can become the barista by brewing café quality coffee in your own home every single day!
PREMIUM COATED CERAMIC – The fully insulated ceramic dripper and pitcher are easy to clean, dishwasher safe and guaranteed not to scratch or fade. Ceramic is proven to be sturdy, chemically resistant and will not rust giving you a quality design to be used for years to come!
KEEPS YOUR COFFEE HOTTER – The natural properties of ceramic are proven for excellent temperature retention and greater resistance to extreme temperatures than similar glass brewers keeping your coffee warmer.
PERFECT GIFT FOR COFFEE ENTHUSIASTS – This stylish gloss black ceramic pour over coffee dripper and pot is an excellent gift for coffee lovers and appreciators of great design. Eco-friendly and BPA Free for even the most environmentally conscious!

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