Pour Over Coffee Maker Set Coffee Gift 10 Packs:Manual Coffee Grinder,304 Metal Coffee Filter,White Coffee Mugs,Gooseneck Kettle,Coffee Server Pot,Thermometer,Cleaning Brush

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Price: $79.00
(as of Sep 17,2021 18:02:09 UTC – Details)


10 Package Include
Manual Coffee Grinder X 1
Coffee Filter V60 X 1
Coffee Server Pot X 1
Gooseneck Kettle X 1
Thermometer X 1
Wooden Cleaning Brush X 1
White Coffee Mugs X 2
Coffee Spoons X 2
Design Idea:
Our Aim is to Create a set of High-end Hand-made and Brewed Coffee sets, Make Satisfactory Coffee set, and Drink Exquisite Coffee in a Traditional and Classic way. You can Participate in Every Step of Making Coffee. This Makes Drinking Coffee Meaningful. This Coffee set is Suitable for you who Love Coffee, or as a Gift. When Your Friend or Relative Uses the Coffee kits that you Gave her to Make Coffee, It is very Commemorative.
About them:
Gooseneck kettle: Exquisite Gooseneck-shaped Design, the Water Flow from the Spout is more Detailed and Accurate, and it is more Perfect for making Coffee Powder
Thermometer: Measure the Water Temperature and use the most Accurate water Temperature to make Coffee to Achieve the Best Taste
Coffee Server Pot : Catch the Filtered Coffee
Coffee Grinder: Triangular Prism Shape Design, Easier to Grasp
Wooden Cleaning Brush: Used to Clean up the Residue of the Grinder
Coffee cup and Spoon: Ceramic coffee cup and stainless steel Spoon
Funnel: 800 mesh high-grade stainless steel reusable coffee filters made of 304 material. This Equipment does not need to use Coffee Filter Paper. It can be Reused After Washing After Each use.

【Suitable for a wide range of gift scenarios】: Birthday Gifts, Thank you Gifts, Father’s Day Gifts, Mother’s Day gifts, Flag Day&Independence Day Gift, for Your friends and relatives. He or She.
【10 Set 】: You can use this Equipment to make a Perfect cup of hot Coffee from Cooked Coffee Beans. It is Equipped with a Hand-grinding Coffee Machine, A Precision Filter, A Kettle and a Thermometer to Accurately Measure the Temperature and Achieve the best Taste.
【Quantity & material】: 1 Food-grade 304 Reusable Coffee Filters, 1 Gooseneck Kettle and 2 Spoons. The Grinder is made of Stainless Steel + Safety Food-Grade Plastic. 2 White Ceramic cups, 1 Wooden Cleaning Brush. 1 hot Beverage Server Pot.
【How to use】: Put the Cooked Coffee Beans into the Grinder, Turn it Clockwise for 3 Minutes to Finish all Grinding, then Pour it Evenly on the Funnel, Pour the Boiled Water into the Gooseneck Kettle, Measure it with a Thermometer Temperature, The Water Temperature of 80 Degrees-90 Degrees is the most Suitable. Slowly Pour Suitable Water on the Funnel and Drip it into the Thermal Coffee Server. Then you can Pour out the Coffee. At the end You will have a cup of Exquisite and Perfect Coffee.
【Design concept】: Our aim is to Create a set of High-end Hand-made and Brewed Coffee sets. This set of Coffee Equipment is Suitable for you who love Coffee, or as a Gift. When your Friend or Relative uses the Coffee Equipment you Gave her to make Coffee, It is very Commemorative.

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