Pour Over Coffee Maker -Paperless Reusable Stainless Steel Filter and BPA-Free Glass Carafe Hand Coffee Dripper Brewer Pot Set 300ML/10.5oz

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Price: $13.98
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Enjoy your coffee time

Perfect for family, party, teatime. Also compatible with lemon tea, iced tea or other beverage

Material:Borosilicate glass pour over coffee maker &Stainless Steel Pour Over Coffee Dripper

Design:Eagle Mouth kettle for Precise Pour

Use Guide

1>Put coarse ground coffee into filter

2>Slowly pour the hot boiling water into the pour over cofee maker filter.

3>Hold one few minutes, remove the filter, pour and enjoy your coffee time.

[Paperless pouring into coffee pot]: 10.5 ounce borosilicate glass coffee pot, the filter cup is double-layer design; one design is fine gauze paperless filtering zero residue, the other design is stainless steel round hole cover, double Inside and outside, all coffee nutrients and flavor oils can pass through, thus tasting a better cup of coffee.
[Fine mouth olecranon kettle]: This coffee dripper is designed with a stylish olecranon. The shape is exquisite and compact, easy to carry, the coffee liquid is smooth and smooth, and it is not easy to leak. Our coffee maker can make 1-4 cups at a time.
[Perfect Service]: This coffee machine provides a perfect choice for families, parties, and afternoon tea. It is also compatible with lemon tea, ice tea or other beverages.
[Non-slip design]: The handle has a black removable rubber handle to prevent burns or heat when pouring hot water.
[Permanent stainless steel filter]: Disposable filters are history. They cost money, strip flavors, cause waste and damage the environment. This laser-cut stainless steel mesh filter ensures that the smell falls on your lips-not into the trash can

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