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This reusable, double layer pour over coffee maker is perfect for when you don’t need an entire pot of coffee & just one. (CONTAINS REUSABLE COFFEE FILTER ON STAND; NO GLASSWARE). With a pour over coffee brewing set-up, you can enjoy freshly ground coffee anytime and anywhere. You don’t need to plug anything in – you just need hot water and ground coffee. There are no electronic parts, no moving parts that break easily, and no hefty maintenance or cleaning costs. Most of our products can just be popped in the dishwasher after use. Pour over coffee can easily be brewed not just in your home but outside – picnics, camping trip, or the beach. The double filter that you use in this pour over system removes additional residues and oils from the beans which help to give it a less coloured taste. This is the way that coffee was meant to be made – slowly, with care, and with precision. As coffee roasters partner with coffee farms, coffee quality has been rapidly increasing. When roasters are trying new flavours of coffee, they use this brewing method so that they can come as close as possible to the true flavor. If you want to experiment with your coffee, using the pour over method offers many different variables so you can try new recipes. For example, you can alter the amount of beans, the grind of the beans, the temperature of the water, the rate of your pour, the possibilities are endless! The operation of an espresso machine requires a significant amount of training. There are a lot of different techniques and different machines that all have their own specific nuances. Fancy electronic coffee makers require a detailed manual, the press of too many buttons. A simple pour over coffee takes you back to the beginning. It’s just you, the water, the coffee, and the filter set. The only thing that is preventing you from making the BEST CUP of coffee possible is you! You have more control and you can build your skills up.
QUALITY Our fine mesh stainless steel coffee filter is made of the highest quality stainless steel without using paper filters; the bottom base will stay on and not break; the extra fine wire mesh at the lower part of the filter ensure no grounds end up in your cup. (coffee vessel not included)
SO EASY Simply heat the pour over coffee filter with hot water and rinse out, add coffee grounds, slowly pour in the hot water, let the coffee maker drip out the water through the fine pour over filter, and remove the coffee dripper when done, ready to enjoy your drink.
UNIVERSALITY A​​ wide​ ​metal ​​cup​ ​stand​ ​makes​ ​our pour ​​over​ ​coffee​ filter ​​strong, stable​ ​and​ ​safe to​ ​use​ ​while​ ​you​ ​pour​ ​the​ ​water;​ it’s​​ sized​ ​to ​​sit ​​over​ ​MOST​ single​ ​cup​ ​mugs​ ​and​ ​smaller ​​travel canteens.
PORTABLE Compact and lightweight, the coffee dripper works great at home or work or while traveling or camping.
EASY-TO-CLEAN You​ ​can​ ​easily​ ​clean​ ​our ​coffee​ filter, just ​​rinse​ ​and​ wipe​ ​it​​ dry​​ or ​​place​ ​it ​​inside your dishwasher.

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