Pour Over Coffee Dripper,Without Filter Stainless Steel Coffee Filter Reusable Pour Over Coffee Filter 1-3 Cup Paperless Metal Cone Coffee Filter, Cnuben W60 Coffee Dripper

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Product Description


Pour Over Coffee Dripper Stainless Steel Metal Cone Coffee FilterPour Over Coffee Dripper Stainless Steel Metal Cone Coffee Filter

W60 Donut Pour Over Coffee Dripper

cnuben LOGOcnuben LOGO Brewing Natural Coffee Flavor

The cnuben team focused on hand-made coffee appliances. After two years of research and development and testing, the W60-3A double-layer stainless steel coffee filter was finally launched successfully. It is a coffee dripper that does not require paper and can firmly extract the coffee aroma. Coffee oil can be extracted, which is one of the umami components of coffee. You can enjoy coffee with a real aroma that is different from the coffee extracted with filter paper.

Cnuen W60 Brewer-Reusable paperless pour over coffee filter

Multi-function Donut Coffee Dripper

Reduce the thickness of the powder laye: Avoid excessive extraction of the lower layer, and reduce the sourness and bitterness caused by overextraction.Increase the exhaust area: Strengthen the convection, Improve extraction rate.Strengthen the convection of powder and water: Extraction is more uniform, and the brewing taste is more stable and controllableSeparable structure: Stable and light, separable and clean
The extraction is more uniform and the taste is more stable Reduce sourness and bitterness caused by over-extraction Easier to brew, no need for technical brewing, to achieve the best taste High-quality -304 mirror surface material, precision carving craftsmanship It retains rich oils and has a smooth taste. The metal coffee drip filter can be reused, saving filter paper. Easy to be clear

W60 滴水图W60 滴水图

W60 过滤面积W60 过滤面积

W60 滴水图W60 滴水图

W60 过滤面积W60 过滤面积

Reduce The Thickness Of The Powder Layer By 50%

Improve extraction rateMore balanced extractionSmoother flow

Increase the filter area by 100%

Reduce repeated extraction, expand the flow area, and increase the extraction rateThe brewing taste is more stable and controllableIncrease the contact between coffee and water, reduce the sourness and bitterness caused by over-extraction

Carving Art

Precision engraving Beautiful and stylish Stable flow rate

Removable Base

Safe and stable Anti-slip design Easy to clean


Product specifications

Dimensions: diameter 4.9inches x height 2.4inches

Material: 18-10 stainless steel (back), stainless steel 18-8 (outside)

Weight: 3.6 ounces

Dishwasher/dryer: compatible


How to use cnuben W60 coffee dripper:

1.Place the stainless steel coffee filter on the pot or cup and add coffee powder (medium-finely ground). The amount of coffee powder should be adjusted to an appropriate ratio according to your preferences. 2. Pour the freshly brewed water from the center of the coffee powder into the whole powder, and steam for about 30 seconds. After that, pour hot water in a spiral from the center. * If hot water is directly applied to the surface of the filter, it may not be well extracted. In addition, if you pour water hard, it may overflow from the side of the steel coffee cone. 3 After the extraction is completed, remove the coffee dripper, the side of the dripper is very hot. Hold the silicone handle of the dripper when removing it.

* The finished volume of one cup is about 120-130ml. Please adjust according to your preferences.

Cleaning Method:

Rinse immediately with water after use to prevent clogging. As the coffee contains oil, please use the cleaning agent to clean it thoroughly. Long-term use of the inner woven mesh will leave coffee stains and darken the color. Please use bleach to lightly soak to restore the original luster.

If blockage occurs, please use the following methods:

Put the filter in an oven preheated to 300°C to bake the residue. Then use oven gloves to remove the filter and rinse off the long-lasting coffee powder ash with water.


Clean the dirt as soon as possible after use, and store it fully dry.Remove dirt and moisture as soon as possible, dry thoroughly, and store it away from other objects.

1-3 1-2 1-2

Filter Layers
2 Layer 2 Layer 2 Layer

Thickness Of Powder Layer
Thin Thicker Thicker

Optimum Powder Size
Fine/Medium-Fine/ Medium Medium-Fine Medium-Fine

Water Injection Method
Concentric circles Spiral winding Spiral winding

5x5x2.6inch 4.3×4.3×3.6inch 4.3×4.3×3.6inch

[Excellent quality] The reusable pour over coffee filters double-layer steel coffee cone is made of high-quality 316 food grade stainless steel plate engraving and stainless steel wire woven mesh. The W60 coffee dripper is precisely machined. Coffee sesame oil is easy to extract, and the equipment can reach the extraction rate of Jinbei. With the most reasonable flow rate and extraction time, anyone can make delicious drip coffee like a professional barista.
[Elegant design] The strong, stable and safe detachable base design is suitable for cups pour over coffee makers and coffee sharing pots of almost all materials and calibers. Anti-scalding silicone handle can protect you from holding it, exquisite carving, design patent filing
[Portable] The W60 coffee dripper is small and light, very suitable for use at home, work, travel, and Camp pour over coffee . The reusable coffee filters metal is environmentally friendly and economical, saving you the cost of ceramic pour over coffee dripper filter paper. It can be used as an ordinary coffee dripper with filter paper, or it can filter tea for you
[Easy to use] Without professional drip coffee skills, anyone can achieve the best taste of drip coffee. The metal pour over coffee dripper brews the natural flavor of coffee beans. The taste of drip coffee is more stable, and with its unique texture, it can achieve the best flavor.
[No reason to return] If you are not completely satisfied with the stainless steel coffee filter poured within 180 days, we will provide a 100% refund-no questions asked. If you have any questions, please send an email to us as soon as possible. Coffee spoons and small brushes are extra gifts for you.

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