Pour Over Coffee Dripper – Slow Drip Ultra Fine Double Layer Pour Over Coffee Maker – 304 Stainless Steel Coffee Filter – Paperless and Reusable – Eco Friendly and Cost Saving

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Price: $45.00 - $18.00
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Product Description

Step up your brewing experience with the “Barista Standard Series”

The Barista StandardThe Barista Standard

The “Barista Standard Series” is our line of coffee accessories that is built upon the two most important concepts of the Lindle & Collins brand; Simplicity & Satisfaction.Each item is carefully designed based on feedback from professional baristas to ensure your satisfaction, and at the same time carries on the minimalist style of the Lindle & Collins brand.

What makes the Lindle & Collins Coffee Dripper DIFFERENT?

Minimalist DesignMinimalist Design

Zero Plastic PackagingZero Plastic Packaging

Richer taste and aromaRicher taste and aroma

Anti-Clogging Mesh Anti-Clogging Mesh

Minimalist Design

The Lindle & Collins Pour Over Coffee Dripper is made in a minimalist fashion. Simple, yet beautiful. This makes the dripper very easy to clean and maintain.

Zero-Plastic Packaging

Starting 2020, we are introducing zero-plastic packaging as a part of our ongoing quest to reduce plastic waste. Instead of the previous plastic bag, the coffee dripper will be carefully wrapped in 100% recycled paper.

Richer Taste & Aroma

Unlike paper filters that tend to absorb too much of the fragrant coffee oils, steel filters can enrich the taste and aroma of your coffee by deliver everything straight to your cup.

Anti-Clogging Mesh

The most common disadvantage of steel filters is their tendency to clog up. Our dripper is equipped with a special anti-clogging twill woven 325 mesh as its inner filter to make sure it can serve you for years to come. Just don’t forget to wash after use!

The Lindle &Collins StoryThe Lindle &Collins Story

“Lets keep it simple.” – Katie Collins, Co-Founder

The story began when a young married couple in San Jose decided they wanted to make their idea into shape. An idea of a brand that delivers the best quality, in the simplest form possible, and in the most sustainable way possible.”We believe that living in an increasingly complicated age, sometimes the best way to add value is to subtract the unnecessary.” – Katie Collins, Lindle & Collins Co-FounderBy removing the invaluable features and simplifying the product design, we are able to use all our resources in delivering top quality products at the best prices.

Our Zero Plastic Packaging Project

Zero Plastic PackagingZero Plastic Packaging

Starting 2020, we have started the Zero Plastic Packaging Project.As a part of our continuing quest to become the most sustainable brand in the market, we have replaced all of our plastic packaging bags with 100% recycled paper wrapping, greatly reducing the amount of plastic waste in our operations.

Our Contributions To Society

Our Sustainability GoalsOur Sustainability Goals

Sustainability Goals

Not only do we want to make your lives better, we want help make the world we live in a better place as well.

That is why 1% of all profits are donated to organizations that support;

Environment Preservation,Public Health,and Children’s Education.

Let’s make a difference. Together.

"Life happens. Coffee helps.""Life happens. Coffee helps."

No more paper filters – Simply add coffee grounds into the pour over coffee dripper and brew with hot water; No more paper filters needed; Designed to brew the SCA golden cup; 1 to 2 cups per brew; Wide bottom stand fits most commercially available mugs and cups
Cost saving – Using a stainless steel pour over coffee dripper not only helps protect the environment by reducing paper filter waste; Our pour over coffee dripper is durable for 3 years and can save you money on the long run
Clearer taste and richer aroma – The ultra fine inner filter catches all the unwanted grinds to deliver a clear taste; At the same time allowing an appropriate amount of fragrant coffee oils to enrich the aroma; Delivers the barista level brewing experience
No more clogging – Unlike many other steel coffee drippers our product is equipped with a layer of Anti-clogging and Anti-corrosion twill woven steel mesh; This also makes it easier to clean and dry; It’s dishwasher safe too
Our promise – Thousands of customers worldwide trust us to deliver the best quality and we are commited to maintain that reputation; For any reason our product doesn’t meet your standards we will provide one free replacement for 18 months after your purchase

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