Pour Over Coffee Dripper, Rich Flavor Stainless Steel Coffee Filter Reusable Pour Over Coffee Filter Cone Coffee Dripper with Removable Cup Stand and Brush

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Product Description

Coffee FiltersCoffee Filters

The Secret Of Optimal Extraction

Coffee Grind Size: Medium to Medium-fine grind Single Cup Coffee Dosage: 10~12g Coffee to Water Weight Ratio: 1 : 16 Water Temperature: 195 ~ 205℉ ( 90.6 ~ 96.1°C)

chemex coffee filterchemex coffee filter

E-PRANCE Paperless Coffee Dripper

· 0.2mm super fine mesh locks richer coffee flavor.

· International food-grade stainless steel material

· Reusable paperless pour over coffee filter

· Detachable cup stand design,perfect for camping

Size Detail: 1-2 cup (about 400ml) 1-4 cup (about 800ml)

coffee pour overcoffee pour over

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How to Perfect Your Pour Over

The first pour is known as the bloom pour. The bloom pour saturates all of the grounds and will help later with an even extraction. Pour about twice the amount of water to coffee and stir gently. This should take between 30-45 seconds.

Pour in slow and steady spirals to keep things even. A gooseneck kettle really helps you with precision – avoid the light spots, go toward the dark..

Easy to Clean and Maintenance

Just simply rinse with running water or put the coffee dripper in your dishwasher immediately after use ASAP to prevent coffee grinds and oils from clogging.

Clean the coffee filter once a month by soaking it in a solution of half white vinegar and half water for 30 minutes or leave the pour over coffee filter in the oven for 4 ~ 5 minutes, high-temperature roasting can help remove the fine coffee residues in the filter.


– Material: 18/10 (316) stainless steel is used to make the inner net, 18/8 (304) stainless steel is used to make the outer net.

– Size:1-4 Cup, brewing capacity: 1-4 cups (about 800ml), suitable for sharing coffee with several friends or family.

– Size:1-2 Cup, brewing capacity: 1-2 cups (about 400ml), suitable for you to taste coffee quietly or use on the road.

【GREAT TASTE EXPERIENCE】E-PRANCE coffee filters are designed in double layers with HIGH QUALITY-316 stainless steel-0.2mm Super fine mesh to control the reasonable extraction time to achieve the best extraction rate, to creating a rich flavorful cup of coffee.
【TAKE IT EVERYWHERE】Use the coffee filter cone alone-Easy carrying, perfectly fit for business trips, traveling, camping, etc. Use the coffee filter set, The DETACHABLE STAND design perfectly fit most cups, mugs or carafes, including Chemex, Hario V60 and other coffee makers.
【RINSE WITH RUNNING WATER】Less than 60 seconds-Just rinse the coffee filter with running water. Attention please-Clean it after enjoying your coffee ASAP to avoid coffee grounds that are difficult to clean after drying.
【ECONOMIC & ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY】Tired of paying for over priced disposable coffee filter papers again and again? Purchase our reusable pour over coffee filter once, at least 500 times you can use, less paper, less money, more tree.
【180 DAYS-NO REASON TO RETURN】We’ll offer 100% refund if you’re not completely satisfied with our pour over coffee drippers within 180 days -NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Sending E-mail to us ASAP if you have any problem.

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