Peet’s Coffee, Organic French Roast – Dark Roast Ground Coffee – 10.5 Ounce Bag, USDA Organic

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Price: $10.99
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Peet’s Organic French Roast encompasses our favorite beans for this deepest roast. These beans are from the leading Latin American origins, such as Guatemala and Colombia, where high altitudes enable coffee cherry to mature more slowly, becoming denser, harder, and packed with flavor. These inherently bright, juicy beans retain their bold complexity under the heat of a deep roast. To grow organic coffee is a commitment to environmental stewardship despite an inevitably smaller yield. Where conventional farming benefits from carefully formulated nutrients, organic farming is local and labor intensive, with resources like natural compost, fashioned on the farm. It’s more work to produce less coffee and we’re happy to support the extra effort. Enjoy this meticulously grown, deep-roasted coffee that is a bold dedication to flavor, farm, and future.

Flavor and Roast: Coffee-forward, smoky, bittersweet, hints of caramel. Dark roast. 100% Arabica Coffee
Incomparable Organics: Our organic coffees must not only pass USDA certification; they must meet our own exacting standards for quality and exceptional flavor.
Our Commitment: To achieve our signature rich flavor, we source the world’s best coffee beans, hand-roast them in small batches, and uphold the strictest standard of freshness
Contents: 1- 10.5 Ounce Bag of Peet’s Organic French Roast Dark Roast Ground Coffee

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