Partners Coffee, Ghost Town Blend – 12 Ounce | Decaf Coffee Beans | Whole Bean | Medium Roast Coffee | Low Acidity | Try with French Press, Drip Coffee and Cold Brew Methods.

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Partners Coffee: A fresh morning start
Decaf drinkers deserve great coffee too! Ghost Town is filled with the freshest, tastiest single-souce Latin American coffees we can find, always decaffeinated using the mountain water process. Naturally sweet and round, with a creamy body and rich notes of white chocolate.
We got our start in 2012 by roasting incredible coffee, sourced from sustainable relationships with producers around the world, out of our Williamsburg, Brooklyn cafe & roastery. Since then we’ve been working hard to expand the Partners experience across a product line-up that features things like cold brew cans, subscriptions, and rotating single-origin coffees. We can’t wait to see what the future holds, though we believe it’ll be great because of friends like you. As each of our bags proudly states: we’re only as great as the sum of our partners.
Producers – Co-op Sol y Café
Elevation – 900-2000 masl
Regions – San Ignacio, Cajamarca
Variety – Bourbon, Catuai, Pache & Typica
Process – Wet-Processed, Mountain Water Decaffeination
Farm Relationship – Yes
Roast Level – 69
Brew Methods – Espresso/Drip
Cold Brew – Yes
Good with milk? – Yes
FLAVOR PROFILE: Naturally sweet and round with a soft acidity, and a creamy body. This coffee blend has rich notes of white chocolate, malt, and golden raisin.
CHOOSE YOUR BREW: Ghost Town is a decaffeinated whole bean coffee ideal for Espresso and drip brew. We offer a full menu of delicious coffees for every brew preparation and personal taste. each mainstay blend is consistently and perfectly roasted.
FRESHLY ROASTED WHOLE BEANS: We believe fresh coffee matters, so we ship direct from our roastery and put the roast date on all our bags. Our 12 ounce coffee stays fresh for up to 90 days and is best if brewed within 2 weeks of opening.
PARTNERS COFFEE: We opened our Williamsburg, Brooklyn Cafe & Roastery in 2012, roasting incredible coffee, sourced from sustainable relationships with producers around the world. We recognize our responsibility to sustainability that ensures access to specialty grade coffee and supports our growing partners financial security.

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