ParkBrew Pour Over Coffee Maker – set includes glass pourover carafe (up to 27 fl. oz.), heat retaining lid, and reusable coffee filter or dripper

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Product Description

ParkBrew Pour OverParkBrew Pour Over

PARKBREW’S POUR OVER COFFEE MAKER – with a stainless steel filter & lid (no mug)


ParkBrew products are created with quality as the top priority. While others may be cheaper, there is a reason – they’re not borosilicate; they have thin, breakable glass; or they only make enough for one cup of coffee! Avoid having to buy a replacement—choose quality!


We have fewer breakages because we have thicker borsosilicate glass and wider base;We have a handle to make post-brew handling safe and easy;Our pour over carafe pours without splashing because we have a channel spout (as opposed to a “v” shaped spout, which tends to splash as it pours); andYou do not have to purchase a scale because the carafe as an accurate measuring guide.


With ParkBrew, you get a superior coffeemaker, a stainless steel filter, and a carafe lid (separately, these products have a value of over 45 USD).The carafe lid also doubles as a holder for your filter.


At the end of the day, this is glassware. As a result, breakages can happen. We promise to be there for you with top service if you have any issues—so rest assured. We also donate 10% of our net annual profits to the National Park Foundation, so you can feel great purchasing ParkBrew products!

pour over coffeepour over coffee

Choose Quality

pour over coffeepour over coffee

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Our Measuring Guide

Unlike any other pour over maker on Amazon:

Our product was made exclusively for sale in the USA, so we use fluid ounces, not mL; andWe use a realistic mug size. 1 mug = 12 fl. oz.

This is important because it makes the brewing process easy, and allows you to make great pour over coffee without a scale!

coffee giftcoffee gift

The Perfect Gift

Our coffeemaker was designed and crafted with quality as the top priority. That quality is continued on to our packaging, making this pour over the perfect gift for a loved one!

How to Make Pour Over Coffee:

pour coffee groundspour coffee grounds

pouring water; coffee filterpouring water; coffee filter

remove filterremove filter

Filter HolderFilter Holder


Place the filter in the carafe and pour coffee grounds into the filter. For one 12 oz. cup, use approximately 21 grams of coffee.


Heat your water to approximately 200° F. Pour the water over the grounds in a circular motion, taking breaks to allow the water to filter through into the carafe. To make one 12 oz. cup, pour a total of 350 grams of water. The brewing should take 2-3 minutes.


Remove the filter, place the lid in the carafe, and pour yourself a mug of your delicious brew.

Optional Filter Holder

If desired, you can also turn the lid upside down and use it as a filter holder!

✅ TOP QUALITY. We have FEWER BREAKAGES because we have thicker borosilicate glass; Our pour over carafe pours without splashing because we have a BETTER DESIGNED SPOUT; You don’t have to purchase a scale because we have a HELPFUL MEASUREMENT GUIDE; and MORE FOR YOUR MONEY: purchase includes superior coffeemaker ($24), carafe lid ($12), and a stainless steel filter ($10).
🌞 PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS. New to pourover coffee? No need to fear – In our coffee kit, we include detailed instructions to help you brew the perfect cup every time. Plus, we have a helpful measurement guide, eliminating the need to purchase a scale. With just a little practice and our coffee tools, you will be a manual coffee maker pro.
💥 CARAFE LID INCLUDED. The silicone lid sits in the neck of the glass coffee pot and allows you to pour coffee while the lid is in place, extending the time your coffee stays warm. Without it, you’ll be relegated to watching the heat escape your coffee! The lid can also serve as a filter holder if you turn it upside down!
🌿 INSPIRED BY AMERICA’S NATIONAL PARKS. At ParkBrew Coffee Co., we are inspired by wild and majestic places. That is why we donate a percentage our net profits to the National Park Foundation, the official charitable partner of the National Park Service. Enjoy your delicious coffee, knowing you’ve made a difference.
⭐SATISFACTION GUARANTEED⭐ We will never knowingly disappoint you. If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, we promise to work with you to make it right!

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