Outerdestiny Gooseneck Kettle With Thermometer – Stainless Steel Kettle, Gas Range, Hob, Electric Coil, Glass Tops – Portable Tea Kettle With Ergonomic Heat Resistant Handle – 40 Ounces, LY-YD02

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Price: $34.97
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Wouldn’t it be great to find a gooseneck kettle that allowed you to make the perfect pour over coffee and tea every time? You’re probably nodding your head in agreement right now. Well, you’ve found it. Let me tell you why I decided to design this portable tea kettle. Don’t worry; I’ll keep it brief. Two of my favorite things are enjoying a fresh cup of homemade coffee (sometimes tea) and spending time outdoors camping. For months, I searched for a stove top kettle that I could use at home and bring with me when I’m camping. My search kept coming up empty. I wasn’t too keen on the idea of using instant coffee while out on my little adventures (yes, I admit it, I’m kind of a coffee snob). But, once you taste the vibrant, fresh flavor of a pour coffee, there’s no turning back! Anyway, since I couldn’t find a stovetop tea kettle that met my needs, I decided to create one. I poured my heart and soul into this gooseneck kettle, and I think you’re going to love its functionality, modern amenities, and versatility. Here’s why I think it will be a welcomed addition to your home: Unique gooseneck makes pouring & cooling a breeze Made from food-grade stainless steel with a unique multi-layer base Heavy-duty design that will not rust or leak – it’s made to last Integrated thermometer on the lid allows you to boil water precisely Equipped with a non-slip, heat-resistant handle to maximize safety Suitable for use on most stovetops & fires (gas, electric, campfires, etc.) Quit wasting your time poring over other, low-quality gooseneck tea kettles, and buy the best – click the ”Add to Cart” button above; you won’t regret it!
Suitable For Use On Nearly Any Stove Or Fire: This 40 ounce pour over stovetop tea kettle is oh so versatile; It’s great for use on any range, hob, or stove – including gas, electric coil, electric glass tops, and even induction cookers and campfires
Achieve The Ideal Water Temperature With Ease: It’s a vintage tea kettle with a modern twist; It comes equipped with a built in thermometer that takes all of the guesswork out of the temperature of the water, so you’ll get the perfect pour over coffee and tea every time
Unique Handle Keeps Your Hands Protected: Our gooseneck stove top kettle comes equipped with an ergonomic, heat and slip resistant handle; So, you can lift the stainless steel teapot safely when the water is boiling while keeping the flame on the bottom
Manufactured From Premium Stainless Steel: The gooseneck kettle is made from food grade, rust resistant, leakproof stainless steel with a special multi layer base; This is not some low quality water kettle stove top that’s going to wear down quickly – it’s built to last a lifetime
Focused On Planet-Friendly Products That Last: We create top-quality products and do our best to ensure that they don’t negatively impact our planet, so it’s a win-win across the board; We believe the quality of this kettle is second to none, so we happily back it with a 1 Year Replacement Warranty

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