Osaka French Press Coffee and Tea Maker – Patent-Pending, Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Mesh Filter with Over-Extraction Prevention & Thermal Shock Proof Glass, Large 8 Cup (1 Liter, 34oz) (Silver)

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Osaka French Press for Coffee and Tea – Patent-Pending, Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Mesh Filter with Over-Extraction Prevention & Thermal-Shock Proof Glass, 34oz, Multiple Colors

Coffee. Whether it’s waking you up or fueling you through the day, it’s an essential part of life—especially ours. Which is exactly why we wanted to redefine it. Osaka revolutionizes the traditional french press by allowing you to extract your coffee in a way that gives you full control of your brew. Hot or cold. Fast or Slow. Our french press is tailored to your taste. Your pace. Your call. No grounds.

The revolutionary, patent-pending mechanism LOCKS the plunger in place to make sure that the flavor stays fresh, and the coffee grinds are not over-extracted.

Borosilicate glass carafe that’s individually handblown to perfection. We chose this glass because it will never shatter from thermal shock, and does a fantastic job at maintaining the temperature of the coffee.

Reinforced silicone rings create an airtight barrier that separates the grinds from the coffee, completely stopping the extraction process whenever you choose.

The built-in, stainless-steel mesh filter is so fine that only liquid can pass through, ensuring that grounds don’t slip into your carafe of brewed coffee.

Non-slip silicone base makes for a for superior grip, no spills, and no messes.

All materials are food-safe and BPA free. They don’t absorb any chemicals or odors.

About Osaka
To Osaka’s enthusiasts and technicians, coffee is much more than a beverage. It’s a lifestyle.

We take this inspiration to develop the best products that enhance your coffee brewing experience, one cup at a time. We believe that great coffee makes even greater people, and we do everything in our power to give you the power to be great, with great products.
DO YOU HATE BITTER COFFEE? – So do we! That’s exactly why we designed the Osaka French Press. We designed a patent-pending new filter with a vacuum seal that seamlessly separates the grinds from the coffee, giving you the power to stop the brewing process exactly to your liking. When the filter isn’t being pushed down, it will fully lock to prevent over-extraction. You can create a light, medium, or dark brew to your exact taste, without any fear of over-extraction. No more bitter coffee!
BYE BYE COFFEE GRINDS – Not only does our BPA-free, vacuum-sealed, durable stainless-steel (that’s a mouthful) filter prevent bitter coffee, but it also keeps the coffee grinds out too! It just keeps getting better. No more mouthful of grounds at the bottom of your cup. Enjoy your coffee till the last drop, grind-free.
BEST QUALITY – Made with handblown borosilicate glass, a non-slip silicone base, and a durable stainless-steel mesh filter. All of our materials are food-safe and BPA free while also repelling chemicals and odors. We want a spot in your kitchen, and made sure to use materials that deserve to be there.
BORED OF COFFEE? – I know, you can never be bored of coffee, but hear us out. You can use our French press to brew custom tea, make your own almond, soy or cashew milk, infuse oils with herbs, and flavor liquor with fruit. The possibilities are endless (and so much fun)!
PERSONALIZE YOUR BREW – Do you like colors? Cause we like colors. And we made sure to design three beautiful finishes to go perfectly with your kitchen. Choose from sleek silver, rustic rose gold, or a bold black finish.

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