Osaka, 1 Liter Electric Quick Boil Gooseneck Water Kettle for Drip Coffee – Accurate Flow Control And Fully Stainless Steel Interior Tea Kettle – Perfect For Manually Brewed Pour Over Coffee and Tea

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Product Description

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The curved gooseneck was engineered for a precise controlled pour. Use for manually brewing pour-over coffee, tea or any hot beverage. ​The ergonomic handle is specially designed for a comfortable fit, so you have the ultimate control. Most kettle have either uncomfortable handles or are designed too small. Full wrap around handle also keeps you hand protected from the hot surface of the kettle.

1000 Watts of power allows for quick and easy heating. With automatic shut-off, all it takes is one touch of a button for boiling water.


Made from top quality stainless steel (and plastic for the handle and lid knob). The interior does not have any plastic at all. Capacity is 1 liter.

How to Use:

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Using the Kettle:

Before first use, clean the kettle by boiling up water twice and then spill it out. Fill the kettle with water till the max marking. Cover with the lid (with the holes facing the handle) and place the kettle on the base. Connect the power plug to an outlet, and press down the on/off switch. The water will automatically start boiling and shut off when it is finished.

Caring for the Kettle:

Clean the outside with a damp cloth. Clean the inside with warm water and soap and rinse thoroughly. Do not use abrasive cleaners. Let the kettle dry completely before using again. Decalcify the kettle every once in a while. Decalcify the kettle by filling it till the max mark with a mixture of equal parts of vinegar and water. Boil up the mixture and then dispose. After decalcifying, clean the kettle and boil up water twice before using again.

Tips for Optimal Coffee Brewing:

Use filtered water for best results. A standard coffee mug is approximately 5 oz. Two leveled tablespoon of coffee is an average measurement to start with. This is approximately 10 grams in weight for every 5 oz. You may want to adjust the amount of coffee according to your taste. When brewing a pour-over coffee, do not pour a lot of water at a time. Rather use a slow, controlled pour. The grinds should never be swimming in water; but should be slightly covered. To extract the most flavor from your coffee, let it ‘bloom” a little. Simply pour twice the amount of water than coffee and let it sit for 30 seconds before brewing. Warning! Never immerse base or kettle in water as it will damage the mechanism. Wait 1 minute after boiling water to allow the kettle to cool before using it again. Do not open lid while boiling water. Do not fill past the max mark as it might damage the automatic sensor. The rod inside fills with steam and activates the shutoff when it reaches a full boil.


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Osaka is a large city on the Japanese island of Honshu which is known for its modern architecture, boisterous nightlife and delicious coffee shops. Inspired by its rich aromas and unique brewing techniques, Osaka Coffee was born. We carefully design each of our products to give you the ultimate coffee experience. Every one of our products are sleek and attractive to display, and will perform better than anything else. If you are not yet in love with the process of coffee-making, be prepared to be infatuated.

With Osaka it is always so much more than design, it is about finding the perfect balance between aesthetics and performance. Since 2013, our product line has been continuously expanding to what we currently carry. But our coffee enthusiastic designers are developing, tasting and testing many more products and designs that we look forward to delivering to the coffee consumer in the coming year. We are excited to continue to bring beautiful, quality coffee brewers.

Our Brand Mission
We at Osaka are strong devotees of what is called the “third wave of coffee”. It is essentially the belief that coffee is not just a drink or a commodity, it is a specialty. Much like wine the flavors are nuanced and vary greatly. We believe that in order to fully enjoy coffee it is not just the source of the beans or the method of roasting. If you brew it incorrectly the results will not be satisfactory. With our brewers, guides and tips, you too can learn to really enjoy a cup of coffee brewed perfectly.

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Precise controlled pouring with our specially designed curved gooseneck.
Fully stainless steel interior absolutely no plastic inside the kettle itself. Made from top quality materials.
Ergonomic handle for easy handling, larger than other brands, fit your whole hand in comfortably.
Large size, holds up to 1 liter of water, 1000 Watt base for quick and easy heating, with automatic shut-off.
For any defects in the materials or craftsmanship of any Osaka product, please contact our customer service team and we will be glad to assist you.

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